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Style & Matching Tips for Striped Ties

Styling and matching various men’s clothing to give a complete look in itself is an art. If done correctly can bring about synergy and vice versa. One such effective combination can be seen while teaming ties with shirts and coats. While matching different kinds of ties with different shirts it’s important to follow some basic rules which help in making the combination worthwhile.6a01156e30b64e970c015433b6a03c970c-800wi


When we talk about men’s formal wear, then a necktie plays a very important role. There are all kind of ties available in the market which suit various occasions out of which men’s striped ties is one of the most favorite. A tie is a multi-dimensional accessory which can add that special touch to your attire.four-in-handstep1

One should be very careful while wearing a tie as different kind of ties are appropriate for different occasions. Ties in blues, greys and blacks are generally most appropriate for business and classy occasions, whereas novelty ties are an absolute hit during festivals such as Christmas, father’s day etc. and other informal dinner parties. Plaid ties and Gingham pattern ties are also quite common and look best during a traditional or families get together.S12364-4

The big question is how to team up neckties with shirts and suits? The answer to this question is very straightforward. There are some rules which one must always follow in order to look best in a tie. As regards men’s striped ties, following are some of the tips which would come handy.

Matching patterns-Many people feel that, matching two kinds of patterns is often inappropriate; however, if little care is taken, one can play around similar pattern and create a style in itself. For example if you prefer to wear a striped tie with a striped shirt then, it’s advisable to wear a solid color waistcoat or a suit alongside.matching-striped-tie

Size of the stripes– If you decide to wear a striped shirt with a striped tie, make sure that the stripes on your shirt and the stripes on your tie are not of the same size . In order to rule out optical illusion, the best way out is to team thick stripes with thin stripes.striped-shirt-and-tie

Direction of the stripes-Diagonal stripes go very well with a plain shirt or textured shirt but may be tricky in case of striped shirt. If you wish to wear a diagonal stripes tie with a diagonal strip shirt then keep in mind that both the stripes do not lean in the same direction. This could lead to camouflage effect which would rather look awkward.tie___shirt-22_large

Colors of stripes-There are some colors which are complementary to each other such as blue and red. In case of men’s striped ties the base color of the tie must be different from the color of the shirt. However the color of the shirt and the color of the stripes on the tie can be of the same color. If the base of the tie is similar to the color of the shirt, then the tie might just get masked.stacy-adams-ties-3-colors-set

After going through the above few tips, it would definitely give you a rough idea as to how to look best in men’s striped tie alongside different kind of shirts and coats.



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