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Prom Hairstyles for different occasions

Along with an appropriate dress for any occasion it is very important to style your hair accordingly.

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Weather it is teenagers, college goers or married women, now days everybody are giving loads of significance to their looks, hairstyle and their appearance. Just like various accessories give a glam look to a person’s persona similarly hairstyle helps in accentuating the persons look. There have been regular experiments in the field of hair styles and haircuts which suit various occasion weather formal or informal .There are several computerized hairstyling available in saloons and beauty parlors which are used in styling according to clients’ needs and preferences.Hair-lead


Before choosing an appropriate hairstyle for any occasion it is important to keep in mind the face structure, hair quality and above all you’re all round personality. You should express your desire of any particular hair style you want to the hairdresser.

Following are few of the latest hairstyles for different occasions.


  1. One of the hairstyle which suits almost everybody and looks great at almost all informal occasions is the soft curls. People who are blessed with natural curls do not have to work too much; all you need is a hairdryer and a roller. Soft curls looks extremely stylish during get together and kitty parties. If you want your curls to stay longer then you can spray a hair fixer which would let your curls for a longer period of time.Get-Your-Curl-On
  2. Another latest style which is very in this season is the side swept curls. This kind of hairstyle looks extremely stylish if you have a lean face. It is quite similar to the soft curls, however in this kind of hair style a side parting is done and the curls are more towards one side. This gives you a very trendy look and is best suited for occasions such as marriage party, or an engagement party.050615-SideSweptCurlsPromo


  1. During summers, it becomes really tedious to style your hair. Hence it is advisable to cut short your hair and let them lose. One of the perfect hair cut this season is the mid length bob style .If you are one of those who is always in a hurry or have little time for yourself then this hair cut is the best among all. This hair cut suits best for any formal occasion and is perfect for daily office goers or for mothers who have small kids.Shoulder-Length-Bob-Styles-Side-View


  1. Another variation to the midsized bob is the curled midsized bob. If you think the mid size bob is a little boring then you can try this hair style. Here you can curl your ends and add a little bounce to your hair along with a side partition.Short-Bob-with-Textured-Halfway-Curls


  1. How can we forget to mention the traditional messy bun and the braids? It’s true that old is gold. These two hair styles which will always remain in fashion. Messy bun looks great for evening walks and shopping and a braid suits all occasions if some variation is done with the help of some accessories.10-Latest-Hairstyles-For-Long-Hair-BRAIDED-MESSY-BUN


  1. Many people like to keep their hair open but at the same time want some grip, for this you can try the half up and a half down hair style. Front hair can be clipped and the rest of the hair is let loose. These not only give a stylish look but also look managed and very well kept.Half-up-Half-down-with-Small-Flowers


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