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Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Hosting a birth day party can be loads of fun. Along with lots of planning, being creative also help. Now a day’s theme birthday parties have also become quite common and popular. If you are thinking of following a theme then definitely planning would be much easier. Themes can be based on your child’s favorite book, or a cartoon character, or the 4 seasons etc. Following are some of the most loved and adored girl birthday party ideas.Shabby-Chic-Party-Fit-Princess

Princess Party: Every little girl wishes to be a princess. For an all girl party this is one of the most loved themes. You can dress your little girl in a nice princess dress and accessorize the dress with matching jewelry. You can also team the dress with a pink crown. You can ask your guest to wear different prince and princess customs’. You can also dress up like a fairy princess and tell princess stories. Organizing a princess dance can be a great idea. You can also play some theme related games.princess party pic

Fairy Party:  Having a fairy party is also a very popular idea for celebrating a girl’s party. Nowadays, the most popular fairy of all is Tinker Bell among little girls. You can go to any party shop and buy fairy decorations. There are many Tinkerbelle invitation cards available in the market. You can also buy fairy theme favors to be given at the end of the party.3190836235_3ab973390f-1

Safari Party: If you are thinking of a fun filled thrilling birthday party the safari party seems to be the best.  Your guest and your little girl would definitely enjoy the safari experience. You can decorate your house in the form of a jungle. You can play African safari music .you can mention in your birthday invite that guests are requested to be dressed in an animal attire.294519_275003979267911_1934569827_n

Brats Party: If you have a group of young girls then the best Girl Birthday Party Ideas is to host a Brats party. You can organize many games, and as far as games are concerned there is no dearth of ideas. When there are a group of young girls and a theme like this, you would realize that very little preparations are required.f89a0d11420c7ef328dbe81b5471ba0c

Hawaiian Luau party- Make your little girl wear a grass skirt on her swim suit. You can organize some pool side games like ring toss or find the ball. If you are not able to book a pool then you can also blow up a pool and fill it with water. So that the kids can splash water around and have fun.7288325bacd989653972d1326ab37843

These are few of the Girl Birthday Party Ideas. The list is never ending. You would realize that hosting a girl birthday can be so much of fun if the planning goes right.


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