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A Mommy’s Guide to Getting your little one geared up for Daycare

Parenthood is indeed a wonderful feeling. It not only brings happiness but also warmth, love and affection. Along with loads of happiness comes loads of responsibility and care which a must is for all babies. Now days due to hectic schedule during work and home most of the parents are not able to give enough time to their baby and often have to resort for a day care center or a crèche while they are at work

Nevertheless there are several day care centers and crèche which provide with homely environment and proper care to babies. However there are few things which need to be kept in mind while sending your babies to day care center. One of the most important things among these is the things which need to be packed and carried to day care center.

Baby bagbaby-bags-8

First and foremost a big baby bag is required in which there are several compartments for various things such as diapers, baby bottle etc. You must carry at least 2 pairs of cloths which should be ironed and kept in one of the columns. In order to expect hygienic care from the day care center it is also important for you to provide with adequate bags or zip locks in which soiled cloths can be kept. Most of the day care centers provide with diapers, however if your day care center does not provide with diapers then remember to keep around 4-6 diapers. Along with diapers also keep some cloth diapers and plastic panties and baby wipes.

Baby hygiene-baby-bottle-brush-Easy-sponge-hygiene-lengthened-brush-durable-color-wash-bottle-cup-brush-cleaning

Babies need to be cleaned and moisturized from time to time therefore also keep in mind to carry baby travel kit which consist of ointment, baby lotion, baby cream , powder, soap and shampoo. Also keep 2 small hand towels and 1 bathing towel in case there is a requirement.

Feeding the babyfeeding-baby

If your baby is only on milk and has not yet started solids then do keep the formula and also pumped breast milk in sterilized bottles. Also keep an extra bottle in case of need. Along with these remember to keep few burp cloths, bibs and meal cloths. If your child is a little older and has started solids them you can also keep his favorite fruit such as apple, banana .In such a case remember to keep them in a zip lock. Many children are fussy eaters and prefer to eat in their favorite bowl and spoon, so do remember to keep their most favorite bowl, spoon and Sippy cup.

Toys to play12-beadset

Another very important thing which many people forget is your babies’ favorite toy .This can be of great help during difficult times.

Baby cloths and dresses2015-Summer-Baby-Girls-rompers-Newborn-baby-clothes-Toddler-Girls-Ruffles-Tutu-skirt-Romper-onesie-Outfit

Special care should be taken while dressing your child,always keep in mind to make him/her wear cloths which are comfortable rather than showly.Many people often do this mistake of making their children were cloths which are party wear and frilly ,this not only make the children feel uncomfortable but can also lead to accidents.Also remember to keep  a pair of full sleeves dress in case of summers  and an extra undershirt  in case of winters incase there happens to be a temperature difference,since babies body take more time to adjust to these changes.Last but not the least proper footware should be accomapied along with cloths.Keep a pair of sports shoes for outdoor play and a pair of slippers for indoor play along with an extra pair of socks.

Medical helpppec-2

Also keep some basic medication for runny nose,stomach upset etc. This is some very important suggestion for parents whose children are allergic,always remember to keep extra labels mentioning the thing which your baby is allergic too eg,some babies are allergic to Milk ,eggs,nuts etc.shutterstock_147821951-2

By keeping such small things in mind ,will assure your baby a very comfortable sty in the child care center.


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