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Node.js and GoLang: Ultimate Battle For Backend Web App development

Before moving on to the comparison between the two languages, we must be well aware of both the programming languages and have proper knowledge of the way one’s business functions. This is essential so that at the end of the article, you can choose the language that suits your business language the most. 

Node.js by Node.js companies: 

Node.js is primarily approved by the developers as a cross-open source platform ideal for creating web servers. The language is based on the V8 engine of Google Chrome and runs in a JavaScript environment. The best part of Node.js by Node.js development companies is that it runs on the JavaScript code, so the developers do not have to learn two different languages, and they can write both server-side and client-side efficiently. 

According to the Stack Overflow developer survey, JavaScript is the most renowned programming language, and Node.js, a JavaScript framework by JavaScript developers, has gained high respect for itself. Node.js development services are used by well-established companies for full-stack web development. These companies include eBay, Groupon, and Netflix. 

Golang by Golang companies: 

Golang is a language that was introduced by Google in the year 2009. Go is a multi-purpose language and highly preferred for backend development. Go has a similar speed to C language. The language is straightforward to use and understand, and the developers can maintain and write the codes very smoothly. 

Go has made its way slowly in the developing market and is progressing day by day. Many renowned web apps such as Uber, BBC, Basecamp, and SoundCloud make use of the Go language. 

A comparison between Node.js and Golang:

How well the two languages perform?

Performance is the core ingredient of any app. If the performance is not excellent, then the app would take more time to respond to the request of the user and would load the stuff late. Ultimately performance is something that significantly affects customer satisfaction. 

Golang web app development performance:

  • Similar performance as C and C++.
  • There is no warm-up time, and the programs are executed real quick. 
  • It comes with an in-built garbage collector that identify things in the memory that is no longer required and frees the space so that it can be used again. 
  • It has code encapsulation; therefore, there is a low-security risk.
  • Also, the memory management of the language is excellent. 
  • Golang development Company in USA highly recommends it for building microservices. 

Node.js web app development performance: 

  • Excellent for backend solutions.
  • Node.js is a JavaScript framework by JavaScript development company and hence has adopted the non-blocking nature and asynchronous from it. Therefore other small tasks can be run in the background even when doing major executions in front. 
  • Makes uses of the V8 engine, which is a fast JavaScript engine. 
  • The best part of the code written by Node.js is that it can be used again. 

Overall, both languages perform well in the real world. It just that node.js takes more time to execute than Golang. 

Take a look at the concurrency of the language:

Concurrency is an essential factor for enterprise-scale apps or all other apps in general that receive thousands of requests daily. If your app is not concurrent enough, there is always a chance that under high load, your app to succumb and crash. 

Concurrent programming techniques ensure the maximum utilization of the CPU, and when it comes to CPU related tasks, then Node.js apps might work a little slow and annoy your users. 

On the other, Golang works very nicely with the tasks related to CPU as it is multi-threaded. Concurrency is a solid angle of Go because of all channels and goroutines it has. 

Choose the language based on the tool you require in the development of your app:

When it comes to tools, Node.js would always have the upper hand over Golang . Go has a small library of tools as compared to Node.js. 

Node.js offers a lot of frameworks and development tools from which the developers can choose according to the niche of their app. Also, Node.js is a framework that works with microservices architecture where one single application is divided into smaller modules so that new components can be easily added.

How well are the errors handled?

When it comes to handling the errors, Node.js uses a very traditional approach where errors are caught as soon as they occur. While Golang uses a more modern way, and before taking a firm action divides the errors into two parts, namely: the run time errors and compilation time errors. It can be challenging to handle the errors with Golang. 

In The Nutshell

Both Node.js app development cost and Golang app development cost differs for every app development company as it depends upon the features and attributes you are using for the app. Thus, you just need to focus on your requirements to 


  1. Do you think that Golang is faster than JavaScript?

If we compare JavaScript with other complied languages then being an interpreted language, it is a bit slow in comparison to them. Also, Golang is faster than Node.js because it has the characteristics of both C++ and C. If we see these languages for their performance of CPU and memory-related tasks, then Golang has gained the upper hand over others.

2.Do you suggest using Golang for web development purposes?

It would be a perfect idea to use Golang for web development. There are two main reasons for this. First of all, Golang is very easy to set up, and second, it contains packages to create API. However, you can always go for the languages that are specially developed for web development. 

3.If I want to make a new app, should I choose Node.js or Golang?

As compared to Golang, which is multi-threaded, Node.js is single-threaded. Node.js is excellent as it makes concurrency possible with callbacks and worker threads, but to be exact, Node.js is not something you look for when you want to develop a new app, and the other choice is Golang. Also, Node.js is a bit slower than Golang. 

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Node.js and GoLang: Ultimate Battle For Backend Web App development
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