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Mobile Scaffolding – A Simple Guide

Mobile scaffolding is a multi-purpose tool that offers adequate support when working at heights. Do you want to renovate your house before selling it or just want to undertake some home improvement jobs? Whatever your needs are, mobile scaffolding is a secure, reliable and efficient option when working on any type of construction or home improvement project. 

As mobile scaffolding offers wonderful mobility, effortless lock assembly and robust platforms to help complete any task at height, it’s a handy tool for a tradesman to complete a range of tasks. Using mobile scaffolding, you can easily reach gutters or windows for repairs, cleaning or painting jobs without the need for a shaky ladder. Besides, you can support all your materials and tools on a secure platform. Modern-day’s mobile scaffolding is effortless, safe and agile to set up, and equally easy to dismantle and store when not in use. 

Let’s find out more about mobile scaffold and know how to reduce risks when using this scaffold type. 

Mobile Scaffold

A mobile scaffold is a self-reliant tower scaffold that comprises of 4 vertical standards attached crosswise and lengthwise or 2 frames connected crosswise to create one bay scaffold. Regardless of whether you rent or purchase mobile scaffolding, the makers and suppliers ought to give detailed information on how to safely set up the scaffold. All mobile scaffolding must be installed per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Is High-Risk Work Licence Mandatory For Scaffolding?

Here in Australia, a licensed scaffolder is needed to set-up, change or take down any scaffolding that is more than 4 metres in height. Nonetheless, the mobile scaffold must be set-up by a qualified person who adheres to the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Preventative Measures

When using mobile scaffolding, it’s vital to follow the below-listed preventative measures:

  • Mobile scaffolding must only be used on flat ground where the surface slope does not exceed beyond five degrees. 
  • To hold scaffold’s weight, loose bricks or building blocks must never be used. 
  • Ensure the wheels have the WLL (Working Load Limit) clearly labelled on them. 
  • When setting up and using the scaffold, it’s imperative to lock the wheel brakes and make sure to unlock the wheel brakes when moving the scaffold. 
  • When the supporting structure is at different heights or uneven, wheels should have adjustable legs, which will help you to keep the platform level.
  • On the working platform, ensure installing guardrails, mid-rails, and toe boards. 
  • Make sure to include plan bracing at mobile scaffold’s base for greater stability.
  • The secure internal ladder ought to possess a fortified opening like a hinged trap door for the entry and exit. 
  • The internal ladder ought to be free of the supporting surface. 

Besides, it’s vital to lower the height to base ratio to offer added support when the scaffold is: 

  • Used to lift heavy materials or support scrap slides. 
  • Loaded with equipment or heavy materials. 
  • Used with heavy or inconvenient equipment like water-jetting and 
  • Sheeted or bare to high winds.

Scaffold’s Mobility

Make it a point to always carry out checks before relocating the mobile scaffold to a different area:

  • The route to the new location is clear from all overhead electrical lines or other impediments.
  • The ground is flat and firm without any impediments like electrical leads that could cause the scaffold to collapse.
  • On the scaffold’s platform, there are no people or materials. 
  • Moreover, never shift a mobile scaffold when heavy winds are blowing or other harsh weather conditions prevail.

Summing Up

If you are thinking of purchasing or renting mobile scaffolding, make sure you look for mobile scaffold’s (structure’s) stability, which is a major consideration. To make sure you purchase a compliant system, look through the guidelines and regulations applicable to your state for working at heights. To guarantee the working platform stays stable at all times, always choose for mobile scaffolding having lots of safety features.

Mobile Scaffolding - A Simple Guide
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