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Mirror Splashbacks – The Trendiest Way to Lighten Up Your Kitchen

Mirrored glass splashbacks are one of the simplest and the quickest ways to create an impression of more space and light in your kitchen. Using mirror splashbacks perhaps, you’ll be surprised as to what can be accomplished from an interior design angle. When you use mirror splashback in your kitchen and/ or bathroom, not only do you get functional and robust wall protection but also you get aesthetic benefits. 

How to Make Your Space Feel Roomier With Mirror Splashback?

In case you have a small or compact kitchen or your kitchen space looks too dark then mirrored splashbacks are the way to go. Mirrors let you play with light and they are fantastic in creating an illusion to make the room feel bigger, and they can reflect light from other parts of the room. If you don’t like a traditional mirrored finish, then you can go for bronze mirrored splashbacks as an alternate choice. Delicate bronze mirror splashbacks create the stunningly posh effect and will look great when used in a contemporary kitchen’s interiors. Besides, glass splashbacks are available in many different patterns and colours, so the choices are nearly limitless. Undeniably, mirror splashbacks are a more practical solution for a functional kitchen space. 

Is Mirror Splashbacks A Practical Choice In Highly Functional Kitchen Space?

Mirror splashbacks are brilliant from a health and hygiene perspective, and they will look fabulous for many years. Scratch-resistant and heatproof, mirror splashback can be easily wipe cleaned, so they are ideal for the kitchen environment. Moreover, mirror splashbacks can be tailored to fit the unique measurements of your room. Besides, it can be fitted without grout, so there are no spaces where dirt can accumulate and no components with the likelihood to discolour. Mirror splashbacks are designed and made with practicality in the forefront, so they are perfect for a busy kitchen space.

What about Liquid Mirror Splashbacks? 

If coloured and patterned glass splashbacks are not your cup of tea or don’t gel with the overall ambience of your room, you still have options in liquid mirror design. Liquid mirror splashbacks offer the same functionality as the other mirror splashback range with same qualities, such as break-proof, heatproof, toughened glass splashbacks but it comes with high shine feature as well. The noteworthy thing is they also integrate a distinctive and appealing fluid design. 

Why installing liquid mirror splashbacks for your bathroom and kitchen space is highly desirable?

The most important function of installing splashback is to protect your walls from splashes. Mirrors are lovely but they require a good deal of wiping if at all you want to keep them splash-free and high shine. Nonetheless, liquid mirror splashbacks integrate a liquid design that allows splash marks to mix right in. All mirror splashbacks are unbelievably handy and simple to wipe clean but selecting a design that seamlessly blends a textured pattern like that of liquid mirror splashback makes life a bit easier.

Characteristics of Custom Glass Splashback 

  • No matter whether you select coloured, patterned or mirrored glass splashbacks, all types of glass splashbacks meet the same high manufacturing standards. 
  • When you choose mirror splashback, the reflection will be just as clear and the surface will shine the same even after seven years from now.
  • Glass splashbacks are intended to serve you for a long time looking stunning, without catching any scratches, stains or marks. 
  • Glass splashbacks can be tailored to fit precise measurements of your space. 
  • Besides, for installing it, grout is not required, so there is no place for dirt to get accumulated. Plus no extra materials are used for installing glass splashback, so there is no way for dust or grime to gather.

The Bottom Line

Glass splashbacks do more than protecting your walls. Irrespective of the glass splashback type you choose, they all have the same advantage of creating a sense of spaciousness in your room. If your kitchen lacks natural light, then smart mirror glass splashback installation will help reflect the light and open up space. 

Mirror Splashbacks – The Trendiest Way to Lighten Up Your Kitchen
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Mirror Splashbacks – The Trendiest Way to Lighten Up Your Kitchen
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