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Why SEO is important for your online success


As a business owner, you seek to obtain the best return on your investments. Alas, you realize that the one made for your website is not as good as you expected. Find out the reasons that may be causing your failure.

Everyone spoke to you about it: your teams, your friends, your suppliers, your customers. You must have had a website, and you were thinking: “What could be more normal then”. When you have a site, you become visible to everyone, bringing customers to the point of not knowing what to do with it, right?

However, after long weeks and despite a quality offer, nothing. The dead calm. No or very few visits. Your salespeople are desperate to achieve their goals, and your competitors are gaining more ground every day. What disappointment! You who bet so much on this beautiful online showcase.

Yet it all seemed so simple. You just had to type “how to create a website” in Google to see the number of possibilities to create your own in only a few minutes and that for free or for a piece of cake. That it was enticing. For once, you could earn money without spending it.

But then, what happened? We bring you eight proofs that you just weren’t ready to get started yet (but nothing is lost, lol).

You did not know all that is involved

Unfortunately, like many entrepreneurs, you gave in to the temptation to “do like everyone else,” but too little information about the digital world. You had not grasped the real business issues of creating a website associated with implementing a real web marketing strategy. From this ignorance stems a large part of your current disappointments.

But, I assure you, nothing surprising in that. If Eldorado was just a click away, why so few entrepreneurs can brag about their success the first time? I remind you that at the time of the conquest of gold, it was not the researchers who got rich the most, but those who sold them the shovels by making them dangle the gain.

You forgot to study your market

And yes, just because Mom thought your creations or ideas were great didn’t mean they were possible or you could make a living from them.

Indeed, many young entrepreneurs make the mistake of not studying their market before starting. However, if the number of buyers or potential users is too low, you may have the most optimized and visible site in the world, your turnover will not take off.

Likewise, if there is too much competition in your sector, the investments required to stand out may well exceed the expected gains and will not necessarily be offset by your sales.

Finally, to become a benchmark in your sector, especially if it is very competitive, your value offer must appear to be much higher than your competitors (more efficient customer service, better quality, etc.). Without studying this competition upstream, there is no chance of knowing how to define it.

You didn’t know your potential customers

Any good business strategy starts with exactly defining your ideal customer ( your personas ). This crucial step makes it possible to determine their expectations, their consumption habits, their profile, and represent precisely the offer (s) to be made to them and, above all, how to convey the messages and write your content.

Indeed, in a perfect world, your product or service would target a clientele with homogeneous needs. However, the reality is quite different!

Each individual has specific habits, personalities, and issues. To get a solution that works, it is essential to segment your audience to ensure that your marketing actions will reach the right people at the right time.

You thought you could rely on SEO

I know. You will tell me that natural referencing is free. So if you could save a little on strategy again, you weren’t going to be in the way. I understand.

But to think that this might be the only way to get leads was a big mistake for several reasons.

First of all, it makes you very vulnerable and dependent on search engines and their whims. Many sites have gone through the painful experience of algorithm changes.

Then, natural referencing takes time. However, you needed to generate traffic quickly to get your first leads and transform your first customers.

Finally, contrary to popular belief, this traffic is not free. Either you hire SEO Services in Lahore. They are not working for glory. Either you do it yourself, and there, you had to first train yourself before putting into practice. And as far as I know, your time has monetary value. When you get down to this, you are not fully productive in your day-to-day business.

In any case, SEO alone is not a good idea. The ideal lies in the implementation of a true multichannel strategy to be able to quickly compensate for a possible failure of one or the other of the channels.

You started without plan B

Once again, I will either disappoint you, reassure you, or shatter your dreams.

No, you wouldn’t have had a sale or demand anyway as soon as it went online, and no, you wouldn’t have gone to BMW (or whatever, I’m not good with cars always) from the first month.

Let’s be logical, 2 seconds. To hope to generate revenue with your site, you already have to attract people and good traffic. So already there, it was not won if you had not taken into account the previous points. Of course, you could have invested heavily in advertising campaigns, but in the long term, it would not have been profitable.

Then, having traffic is good, but after that, you have to create trust, offer the right answers, tame your visitors … to encourage them to get in touch. With the new consumption habits, customers take their time to choose more and more (but after that, everything has to be done during the day, lol). They compare, make quotes, ask questions …

Therefore, if you had planned in your cash flow plan to double your turnover in 6 months, and you did not have a Plan B, your situation could indeed become uncomfortable very quickly.

You misjudged your budget

Problem number 1 of most projects: the low estimate of the budget that will have to be invested to make your activity prosper thanks to the web. However, like everything else, when a project is poorly defined, the more it will advance in time, the more it will be wobbly, and the more it will tend towards failure.

When creating a website or redesigning it, many expense items are to be expected, which depend on various factors:

  • Those related to conception
  • Those related to promotion
  • Those related to continuous optimization
  • Those related to legal
  • Those related to possession

However, too many entrepreneurs launch their site by devoting their entire budget to the tip of the iceberg and realize much later that this is not enough. Let’s be realistic.

Also, a poorly put together project becomes a source of unforeseen expenses, which forces you to draw on your cash flow without being assured of a future Return on Investment. Maybe this is your case?

Creating or redesigning a site is an expensive operation representing a significant risk if it is not carried out effectively. Companies are, therefore, increasingly looking for new approaches (such as Growth-Driven Design) to limit the risks inherent in the traditional system to web projects.

You underestimated the workload

Your activity takes time, right? Why it would have been different on the web. Your site was not going to work on its own. Who would regularly update the content? Who makes beautiful, attractive photos? Who manages orders and shipments? Who answers customer calls? Who is tearing their hair out, writing good articles? Who imagines the marketing actions? Who prepares the emailing campaigns?


Unfortunately, as often, the impatience at the beginning blinds you to the number of real tasks to be accomplished, and when you come back down to earth, the motivation is no longer there. Suddenly, the beautiful site we dreamed of often boils down to a vast unfinished site, and we will see …

Another common mistake you may have made. Believe that you can do it all on your own. Just because you know how to hem doesn’t mean you’re a stylist. Delegating certain tasks to specialists would have enabled you to save precious time to devote yourself fully to your activity.

You neglected the content

Whether it’s to showcase your products, work on your SEO, or improve conversion, content is one of the best strategies. However, the drama of many entrepreneurs is to find themselves in front of their page and not knowing how to talk about them or their products.

Do you sell garden tables? So much, the better. But even the most beautiful photo in the world will not replace a good description because the Internet user is fearful. He must be reassured, tamed. What is it made of? What is its size? Is it easy to clean? And if in the end, she does not marry on my terrace, will I be able to return here easily? And is this company serious?

Content is essential and can become a formidable weapon in marketing. Did you think about it when creating your site?


I can imagine your teary eyes after reading this article, which has discouraged you more than anything else. But that’s not the point. See it more as a service because being successful online is a complex, time-consuming, and expensive job that needs increasing importance.

But if you are the stubborn type and have an overwhelming desire to succeed, then rest assured. Nothing is lost.

By setting off on a good basis, forgetting the old demons above, and above all, by surrounding yourself properly, success can only be achieved by the appointment of your next project.

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Why SEO is important for your online success
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