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Pros and Cons of SEO

SEO, what is it?

Search Engine Optimization is optimizing a website through keywords and various techniques to stimulate natural searches. SEO can happen Onsite via the content, the arrangement of titles, and other sometimes more technical points! Beyond the optimization directly on the site, it is also done Offsite, which ultimately focuses on backlinks.

The Benefits of SEO:

Delivers a continuous flow of targeted traffic:

Do you know how many Google searches per month? This year, Google makes 3.3 billion queries a day, or 100 billion a month. Therefore, SEO will help you access this big free and guided traffic channel!

Free, yes, because you don’t have to pay for traffic directly like people do when using paid advertising channels like Google Adwords. The cost will ultimately be more distributed to the time spent improving your site, writing content, or even through Link building.

SEO gives you new exposure to surfers looking for a solution:

One of the reasons people use the Internet, and search engines like Google in particular, is to find an instant answer to an immediate question.

When searching, people click on the different types of links, and 70% are organic search links through search engines. While 40% of users would click on the links on the first page,  70-80% of those internet users would ignore Adwords ads.

SEO generates traffic that can be converted:

The Search Engine Journal has stated that leads produced by SEOs can be transformed up to 14.6 percent against e-mails created just 1.7 percent.

SEO helps you grow your Business:

The Internet is a very large platform, and for some, it is a means of survival! SEO plays a major role in obtaining a good online presence, allowing the company to increase its visibility and branding.

Obviously, without this visibility your consumers will not be able to find you. With SEO, you will able to ensure better business growth.

Cons of SEO:

Results will take some time:

The big downside to using SEO is the incredibly long period to achieve tangible returns from all your efforts.

The method requires search engines and may take hours, days or even weeks to index the content. SEO might not be the best path for you if you need instant performance.

SEO will take a long time to achieve ROI:

Although it takes a long time for actual returns from your SEO activities to be obtained, it takes much more time for all your efforts to generate a reasonable return on investment. This may not favorable for small businesses that need to earn substantial short-term income, which they will use as working capital to support their operations.

SEO will need a big investment for competitive niches:

Unless you are doing a Linkbait campaign, like content production, SEO services in Pakistan is not a completely free strategy. You will definitely find yourself soliciting or hiring outside help to build natural links or any other SEO activity.

This point especially applies if you are working in a very competitive niche.

SEO has no guarantee for the results (especially 1st-page rank):

SEO is not a safe bet, especially if you want to position yourself on the first page, which is obviously the goal for everyone!

It is important to be on the top of the first page because 75% of search engine users do not scroll and therefore ignore the rest of the page.

SEO did not provide you immediate guarantee that you will rank on the first page of search results using the keywords you are target.

SEO doesn’t give you full control:

Nobody understands the absolute ins and outs of Google’s Algorithm. You can never predict the results after an update from Google. Only Google knows it and is in control.

So you have no control how much traffic you will be able to attract. It’s totally different from paid marketing, where you will get results that are commensurate with your budget.

Risk of being penalized:

Google updates and new algorithms have been coming out in spades since 2011 (Panda, Pinguin, Hummingbird).

Today’s SEO strategies can work, but until there’s an update or a new algorithm, they can get you in a tough spot!

As a strategy, there are negative points. SEO ensures a long-term investment that really should not be overlooked! So despite its drawbacks, having an SEO strategy is almost essential.

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Pros and Cons of SEO
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