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Optimize the SEO referencing of your images

In previous articles, we have helped you optimize title,  meta description, and even  URLs for your SEO. Now we are going to help you optimize the images and, therefore, in particular, the alt attribute of these.

While visual content is essential, it cannot stand out from textual content because Google does not yet interpret images. When its robot passes on a page of your site, it “understands” only the words, indications of the HTML code. Therefore, an image that has no name does not exist in the eyes of Google. This is where the alt tag takes on its full meaning because it allows you to indicate what an image corresponds to. Go for SEO services in Lahore for better optimize SEO.


  • Setting the alt attribute of an image
  • Why is this important in SEO?
  • How to optimize your images for SEO?
  • How to set it up?
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • What’s next?
  • The ALT attribute at a glance!

Setting the alt attribute of an image

The alt tag, or more exactly the alt attribute, is used to indicate to Google the content of an image.

It corresponds to part of the HTML code of a page, but don’t panic; you don’t need to know how to code for all that >> all CMS like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, etc … show you an alt field to be completed by import o each of your images.

Why is this important in SEO?

Optimizing your alt tag means optimizing your referencing; the keywords contained in the ALT are taken into account for positioning on search engines: this attribute helps Google to contextualize your content.

Universal search is increasingly important. Referencing your images in search engines, therefore, becomes essential to be visible, and this can generate traffic to your site via Google Images, for example.

The alt attribute is read orally by the screen reader for the visually impaired.

This will be the content displayed if your site is slowed down by some problem (server, slowness …), which therefore makes it clear that this is supposed to indicate to the user what should be found instead of this image.

How to optimize your images for SEO?

Define the image’s ALT tag by describing your ideas in plain English and keywords you want them to show up in search engines.

And so concretely: Choose between 5 to 6 keywords, which will describe what your image represents. The idea is to present its content and function.

Example: for the image below, “group cooking lessons” or “group cooking lessons.”

How to set it up?

The Alt attribute is a part of the HTML code of a page that is easy to fill out. We do not necessarily need to know how to code, CMS such as WordPress tell you an alt field to complete for each of your images on your site

So if we take the example of WordPress, the alt tag of your image will be under the name “alt text.” If this field is empty, know that it is important to fill it in by giving it a title corresponding to the content of the image.

Mistakes to avoid

Do not confuse the alt and title attributes

Avoid images with text because the text contained in the image will not be indexed by the robot, rather a favor keywords.

An image header (header), often on sites have the option of having an image header or even a logo. To avoid.

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Optimize the SEO referencing of your images
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