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Cheap SEO specialist and still high in search engines

Is that possible, with the cheap SEO specialist ranking high in search engines? Yes, anything is possible in this area. SEO or search engine optimization can be quite expensive. A high price does not always mean that you are also at the top of search engines. That’s why cheap SEO optimization can be just as good.

I show you what you can expect from a cheap SEO specialist, but also how you can save even more.

You can expect this from an SEO specialist

Whether you go for an expensive or cheap SEO specialist, they must make an effort for you. The specialist must do everything he can to help you to your satisfaction. Your goal is to be higher in Google, the SEO expert will hopefully make this happen.

What can you expect from an SEO specialist? That it optimizes your website technically, applies link building and goes for content marketing / content optimization. These are the most important parts of search engine optimization.

Cheap SEO specialist, how much does that cost?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has also emerged since the advent of search engines. The more websites, the more competition. That is why a new profession arose: that of SEO specialist. You have the SEO specialist or the SEO expert but also the online marketing agency or SEO agency. It actually all comes down to the same thing.

With so many SEO specialists, you also see large price differences. From cheap to very expensive: you often do not know what to choose. What is cheap and what is expensive? Those opinions differ, but below some prices from cheap SEO specialists:

  • Price per month: between $ 200 and $ 400
  • Price per project: between $ 350 and $ 1000

Believe me, these are really low prices! Large SEO agencies easily charge up to $ 5000 per month. The above prices are therefore from the cheap SEO specialist.

Can I expect quality from this?

A cheap SEO specialist is often a beginner in the field of search engine optimization. Of course there are also more experienced specialists with a low price. It is especially important to look at the quality. Now that is of course a bit difficult to estimate in advance.

In any case, ask for a portfolio or references. This way you can see what the SEO specialist has managed to achieve with other websites. Also check which SEO techniques the specialist uses. For example, what about link building and which websites does it approach for this? A wrong application of link building can cause your website to sink deeper into the search results.

Does the cheap SEO specialist write the texts himself?

Few inexpensive SEO specialists write the SEO texts themselves. Only the major online marketing agencies employ an SEO copywriter. Small SEO agencies or single SEO specialists hire an external copywriter.

The SEO expert places these texts on your website, but it can also be texts for other websites (link building).

Save on the cheap SEO expert

It is not always wise to go for the cheapest SEO specialists. Some do not have much experience with search engine optimization yet. Inexpensive can eventually become expensive, especially when you sink in the search results. In serious cases you can even incur a Google penalty.

If you don’t trust a very low price, look for an SEO specialist or online marketing agency that is ranked high in Google itself. With this one you can at least know for sure that they understand search engine optimization (otherwise they would not be on top themselves).

If you even find the cheap SEO specialist too expensive, you can of course save on this. How, I’ll explain that to you here.

Do a lot yourself

Saving means doing a lot yourself. You can also do a lot yourself. Just think about making your website mobile-friendly, this is very easy if you have a WordPress website. You can also do link building yourself. You approach relevant websites and ask if they want to place a link to your website. Some do this for free, with others you have to pay for this.

SEO texts are perhaps the most important part of search engine optimization. You place these texts on your own website, so that you will be found better. Now the problem is that writing SEO texts is very difficult. Even the most expensive copywriters don’t always understand this.

Hire an SEO copywriter

Good SEO texts and still save on the cheap SEO specialist? This SEO copywriter is cheaper than many other copywriters. Your advantage is extra-large: my texts are easy to find in search engines.

You started looking for a cheap SEO specialist and were the first to come across this website. You can decide for yourself whether I am a good SEO copywriter.

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Cheap SEO specialist and still high in search engines
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