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4 Tips to improve the images of a website

The first impression counts in both real and virtual life. And the way your website looks creates the first impression online. If your site looks good, it can attract more visitors, which means more long-term profit. For the professional design of a site, you must have to concern with the Web Design Company in Pakistan.

What could be more important in the aesthetics of a website, if not the images?

If you want the images of your site to create a pleasant impression, we have prepared some tips freshly prepared by your design colleagues.

Here’s what you should consider to improve your site’s images:

– The images are not a simple stage of work, but a signature!

Nowadays, we have to be different, we have to build a unique brand through the website. Choosing a concept and sticking to it does not mean choosing stock images.

The images must be consistent, respect the communication tone of the site, and, perhaps most importantly, represent you. Choose pictures from the company, with the team, with the products or with the production stages.

Choose pictures that give users thoughts on what your company looks like and does. Don’t limit yourself to choosing professional photos from free sites. That is, if you don’t want to wake up that you have the same photos as the other 100 sites.

-Choose the right format

When working on images for your site, choose JPEG and PNG formats, but remember that they are also quite different:

  • JPEG: is the perfect format for photos. When compressed, it manages to keep colors intact, and even if the image may be slightly affected, the loading time of a site with JPEG images is fast.
  • PNG: It is mainly used for images that have bright colors, text, and parts of info-graphics. This format retains decent image quality when compressed. The only downside is that it is a heavy image, and will take longer to display.

-Quality has priority

Never neglect the importance of quality and every detail when it comes to images. The images that can be found online are a real treasure for web designers, but their quality can leave much to be desired.

Next, we’ll show you how to proceed if you want to improve image quality in post-production:

  • Composition: Not everyone knows the principles of good composition, but if an image looks like it doesn’t have a place there, users will realize. This is the disadvantage of poorly chosen images. You can’t fool anyone, because the graphic sense tells us when an image looks ok and when it doesn’t.
  • Clarity: Blurry images are not visually pleasing. They are a sign of unprofessionalism. If you don’t want to use Photoshop to improve image clarity, you could use PhotoWorks, a free and effective image editing software.
  • Oversaturation / Under Saturation: Almost every editing software has a function through which you can change the image saturation, this could be the ideal solution for a picture taken on a rainy day for example.

You will have a little work on the images, but your work will be rewarded in the future.

– Images also hide an SEO opportunity that will help you position yourself better.

Give your images a name that describes the image. No, a name like 110.JPG is incorrect.

It would be more correct to incorporate keywords in the title of the image, to say what it represents. Help Google see what’s in the picture! Don’t forget to tag the images.

It is often more likely that a visitor will read the title of the image than any passage of text that follows below it.

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4 Tips to improve the images of a website
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