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Top 5 points to check before renting your car

Are you planning to hire your car during the summer? Here are some keys to pamper your car from top to bottom and properly.

Organizing the maintenance of your car is not a pleasure for everyone. Or make an appointment with a mechanic. This takes time. The daily maintenance of your car will allow you to strengthen safety on board and, above all, save money in the long term. So take care of it, it will make you feel good!

# 1: Go through the garage space

Emptying, technical control, changing tires … a proper check-up, unfortunately, does not escape the garage box. It’s true, a garage owner is a bit like a dentist: nobody wants to go there. And when the bill arrives … But if you are well-advised, you will not regret it.

Here are example helps you find the best garage near you. Many motorists, like you, seek the rare pearl, the safe bet, the absolute reliability to entrust their car. In addition, it is simple and practical.

# 2: Check the condition of the car

The interior and exterior condition of your car will be the first thing your future renters will see. And it will be too late to regret not having been more attentive. Above all, the small accumulated details can eventually wear down the body, windows, seats, floors, lighting. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves, here are some tips for a great spring cleaning (which, in reality, will only take you a few minutes).

# 3: Highlight the options

To complete your Car ad and catch the eye of your potential tenants, highlight the advantages of your car, for example, its options: air conditioning, power steering, radio, ABS, ESP. A “description” space is available for this purpose. Besides, if you have a roof box, a GPS, a baby seat, snow tires… Specify it!

In addition, a well-completed ad, with a photo to support it with your best smile, will boost your rentals.

# 4: Regularize the car papers

Ensuring the validity and regularity of the papers of your car is important, even primordial, before temporarily selling it. Come on, all with your registration card and annual insurance!

The gray card: when exchanging the keys, after making sure that the commitments made by the tenant (21 years old and holder of a driving license for at least 3 years) have been properly kept, you must give him a photocopy of the registration certificate (ex-gray card) of your car and your surname and first name, in good standing.

The annual insurance contract (or green card) must be valid and given to the tenant in the form of a photocopy or directly in the form of a sticker attached to the windshield. This contract is compulsory in the event of control by the police. Avoid unpleasant surprises at the last minute.

# 5 Indicate your availability

The last tip before renting your car, specify on your ad the availability of your car thanks to the calendar available. Then, don’t forget to update it as often as possible if you have plan changes. Do you live near a train station or an airport? Specify it! You just have an option to tick to let the tenants know that you can deliver your car right out of their train or plane. Practice not? This option is a very good way to increase the visibility of your ad on the site and multiply your income! Come on, go ahead, and indicate your availability.

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Top 5 points to check before renting your car
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