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Car rental: 5 tips to avoid pitfalls

Do you rent a car and are afraid of being tricked? It is normal, the car rental agencies redouble their ingenuity to increase the bill. In this article, we give you 5 tips to avoid pitfalls when renting a car.

TIP # 1: Book in advance and online

Booking your rental car in advance saves money. The closer you rent your car to the departure date, the higher the price. We did the test by comparing a rental for in 1 week and rental for in 1 month. In 3/4 of the cases, the second rental was cheaper. And each time, paying online was less expensive than paying at the counter.

Are you leaving during the school holidays? Anticipate even more. Holidays have a significant impact on rates. Check the dates of the school holidays.

TIP # 2: Take out an INDEPENDENT franchise buy-back insurance

When you rent a car, it is usually already insured. But in the event of a claim, you will have to pay a very high deductible. The rental companies offer you options to reduce the amount. But they are expensive and have too many exclusions.

We recommend that you refuse the lessor’s franchise buy-back insurance and take it out through independent franchise buy-back insurance. 

TIP # 3: Compare multiple rental agencies

It isn’t easy to find logic in the rates of rental agencies. Depending on the city, the car model, and the rental period, the rental companies’ rates can vary from simple to double. And the cheapest will not always be the same.

Also, remember to look at rental platforms from individual to individual, the rates can be advantageous.

TIP # 4: Take photos

The inventory is the most important moment in a car rental. Check that you are in good condition to drive around the vehicle. Avoid doing so at nightfall as much as possible. If it is raining, be extra careful not to miss any scratches.

Make sure you note on the supporting paper each identified damage. Generally, rental companies have a drawing of a car. Surround the damaged areas. And if you do not have this image, do it yourself, the signature of the rental company in support.

Take pictures! If you only had one piece of advice to remember, this is it: take photos and in the presence of the rental company, the existing damage to the vehicle. Remember to bend down to check the rocker panel! This will be very useful in case of disagreement with the rental agency.

TIP # 5: Check the vehicle carefully before returning it

Before returning your vehicle, review the conditions for returning your contract. Do you need to refuel? Do you have to return the car clean (interior and exterior)? It would be a shame to pay exorbitant fees that could have been easily avoided. Also, check the opening and closing times of your agency. Take the time to make a return inventory, supporting photos if necessary.

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Car rental: 5 tips to avoid pitfalls
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