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5 tips to rent a car without surprises

Despite what we have lived through, when summer arrives, it is difficult not to think about vacations. For many, the months of July and August are synonymous with sun, beach, travel, and new adventures. Next, we show you the main aspects to take into account when renting a vehicle:

Tip 1 – Book in advance:

To get the best deal, one of the secrets is to book in advance, within what the pandemic allows us. If you decide to go on vacation during high season, particularly to busy destinations, lost islands, or difficult-to-reach mountain areas, availability may be reduced. The high season changes depending on which area of ​​the planet you want to spend your holidays in.

The high season includes the months of June, July, and August; however, the busiest months are from December to April and September. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you book early; This way, you will avoid the high prices of last-minute offers, and you will make sure you have a vehicle waiting when you arrive at your destination. In general terms, the longer you take to book, the more expensive the offer will be, and the greater problem of availability there will be.

Tip 2 – Compare prices:

There are a large number of price comparison pages, which will help you find the best rate and the vehicle that best suits your needs.

These comparators are easy to use. You just have to enter the destination and the dates. Once you have found the vehicle you are interested in, you can pay for it directly online or call a specialist reservation agent.

Tip 3 – Take into account the additional costs:

Additional costs are displayed during the booking process or applied when picking up the vehicle. Some of the most frequent is the additional fee per young driver, for drivers under 25 years of age, or the surcharge for a ‘senior’ driver, which applies to those over 75; in addition to local taxes, for extra equipment, such as returning the vehicle to a place other than the collection site, when moving to other countries, etc.

An offer that may seem like a bargain at first but can be expensive after adding all the supplements, so be sure to read all the terms and conditions of the reservation in detail. If you do it in advance, most providers allow you to cancel or modify the reservation days before picking up the vehicle and even hours before. Avoid surprises and find out about the terms of the contract.

Tip 4 – Make sure you bring all the documentation:

To avoid problems when picking up the vehicle, it is essential that you present the following documents: a valid driving license, at least 2 years old for some countries, passport or identity card and a copy of the reservation printed. Bear in mind that in some countries, it is mandatory to present an international driving license.

Tip 5 – Check the vehicle:

Once you rent a car in Islamabad, before you leave the rental office, be sure to check the vehicle. Feel free to take photos and note any damage on the rental agreement. If you have purchased extra equipment, such as a navigator or a child seat, check that they work correctly and that they are in good condition.

Don’t forget to write down how much gasoline is in the tank. Some companies allow you to return the vehicle, with different fuel levels (fuel policy: full-empty), but, in most cases, you have to return it completely full.

There are many categories of vehicles to choose from, such as motor homes, luxury cars, electric vehicles, SUVs, etc ., as well as a wide range of rental offers, such as leasing, car-sharing services, and private rentals, among others. The most challenging thing is choosing the vehicle that best suits your needs.

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5 tips to rent a car without surprises
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