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What Is The Secret Behind Selecting The Best Self-Storage Unit?

The secret behind selecting the best self-storage unit is in identifying your needs first. We’ll understand the things that are required to make a prudent self storage unit selection.

Storage Unit Size

It can get tricky to find out what self-storage unit size would be perfect for your needs. Well, you’ll be wasting your money if you rent a unit that’s too big. Conversely, if you choose a small unit then that won’t be sufficient enough to fit in all your belongings. To avert these problems, prepare a detailed list of your belongings that you plan to place in storage. Alternatively, you can ask different storage company specialists for quotes and advice.


You need to take into account the self-storage unit’s location; if it is situated near to your home then it will be convenient for you to make frequent trips in a month. Nonetheless, don’t pick the nearest one either for handiness alone because, at times, you may get more for your buck when you drive a couple of extra miles, for instance, better customer service or flexible office hours.

Ease of Access

Well, not all storage facility is open 24 X 7, so it’s always better to research for the accessibility conditions before you select the best self-storage unit. Determine if the business hours of the facility you’re contemplating fit your schedule. Besides, check if on-demand access is available.

Climate Control

Climate-controlled units will be pricier to rent. If you live in an area with severe changing temperature or need to store delicate items for long-term then you should consider paying more. In this way, you’ll guarantee the safety of your valued belongings.

Key Characteristics of Climate-Controlled Storage Units You Should Know About:

When you’re out to pick the best self-storage climate-controlled unit, look for the following key features:


Look if the storage facility is neat and tidy and maintained well.

Loading docks

Reputed storage companies offer superior loading docks to their cherished clients.


The storage buildings should be free from any visible structural damage. Holes in the structure can signal a sign of pest infestation or leaks. Therefore, if you find any holes, regardless of their size, look for another unit.

Adequate Lighting

For a good self storage solution, adequate light is paramount. The self-storage unit should provide an excellent level of visibility. This way, you can prevent any types of injuries while you manage your stuff.

Parking Space

Pick a storage facility that offers a lot of handy parking places and straight access to the self-storage units.

Next, You Need To Know About Key Security Features:

You need to ascertain the self-storage unit you’re investing in is worth your money and that all of your belongings will be remaining safe in their storage. Here are some things that you should check beforehand:

Cameras & Surveillance System

Always choose the self-storage unit that has an excellent security system in place with 24/7 surveillance.

The Door of the Storage Unit

The door of your storage unit should be strong and dependable. For instance, the door should open and shut with ease and the seal should be tight when the door is closed to avoid water from getting into the storage space. Similarly, the door latch should be reliable and in proper working condition on which you’ll put your lock.

Gate, Fence & Live Guards

The self-storage facility ought to be protected by strong gates and fences, as well as, security personnel guarding the premises for added safety.

Fire Prevention System

Make sure the self-storage unit you choose has an appropriate fire prevention system in place.

Awesome Friendly Service

Well, if you discover that the employees are not cordial then move to the next good self-storage facility that has well-mannered, friendly and knowledgeable personnel, which will guarantee a smooth working between you and the self-storage facility. This is extremely important because you’ll have to deal with the staff of the self-storage facility every time you want to access your belongings, so you can’t afford to neglect a friendly service.

Summing Up

All of us need a self-storage unit that has a great security system in place, in pristine overall condition, friendly service and of course affordable pricing. Above all, it’s paramount to visit in person the self-storage facility you’re interested in and then arrive at a decision to go with a particular self-storage facility in Sydney.

What Is The Secret Behind Selecting The Best Self-Storage Unit?
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