The High Holiday season is just around the corner, and experts warn: Beware of cost traps for rental cars! We will show you the most common mistakes in renting a car and how to avoid them – for a summer vacation with a rental car that relaxes you and your wallet.

1. Book too late

If you book last-minute flights or entire package tours, you can make a real bargain. Not so with the rental car. The following almost always applies here: early booking pays off! Especially in the high season, you should book at least two and a half weeks in advance, but preferably as early as your travel planning allows. Otherwise, you run the risk of not only paying horrendous prices for a rental car, but could even go completely empty in popular travel destinations. In our blog, you will find further tips for your rental car booking in summer.

2. Wrong insurance

If you restrict yourself to partial insurance with a deductible when booking a rental car, you save at the wrong end. A rental car accident can then be very expensive. Inadequate liability coverage can take vengeance in the event of damage.

Insurance policies that are highly recommended for all rental car drivers include the following:

  • Full insurance
  • Theft, glass and tire protection

Overall, you pay a small surcharge compared to the rental price with less insurance, but are fully covered against all damage to the rental car or other accidental damage.

3. Unnecessary additional insurance on site

On the other hand, of course, there are also “supplementary insurances” that are not necessary at all. Unfortunately, there are always car rental companies who want to rake up insurance or extras that you don’t need at the rental station on site. Don’t be put off by this! A landlord claims that your car is too small for your luggage? Let the car show you. The renter wants to sell you an “extra security” in addition to the fully comprehensive insurance without excess? Hold your rental car voucher under his nose.

4. Missing documents

Your voucher contains all the important data for your rental car booking, including all the services and insurance that you have booked. For this reason, it is essential when taking over a rental car. Without a voucher, the rental car key will not be given to you!

Other necessary documents are your driver’s license (possibly also an international driver’s license) and your credit card to deposit the deposit. Before you travel, make sure you have packed all the documents and have them ready at the counter. This is how it works faster!

5. Additional driver

The same applies here: don’t save in the wrong place. Every driver must be registered! Insurance coverage expires for unregistered drivers, and you have to bear all costs yourself in the event of damage.

6. Additional costs

Not only additional drivers, but also other special services may cost extra. Take a close look at the rental terms of an offer and your voucher and, if in doubt, ask us at the above telephone number.

Such additional services are,  For example, navigation devices, child seats, but also hotel deliveries, young driver fees, and one-way rentals. For some offers, the rental price itself is low, but the one-way or young driver fee is very high. An offer with a higher rental price can then be cheaper overall. It’s worth taking a close look!

7. Contract on site

Read your contract carefully at the car rental company before signing it. If you rent a car in Lahore then maybe many car rental companies also provide a contract in English on request if you do not understand the local language. If this is not possible, compare the costs and services on your voucher with the services in the contract.

8. Shuttle service or airport station?

Some car rental companies do not have a rental station in the airport, but offer shuttle buses from the terminal to the station. So that you do not get annoyed about unexpected bus journeys, make sure when booking which variant is available for “pickup at the airport.”

9. Takeover protocol

When picking up the rental car, the landlord will give you a takeover report. Check the rental car for any previous damage or soiling and have it recorded in the log. If a landlord tries to hold you responsible for any damage that has already occurred, he has no chance.

10. Tank regulation

Our tip: If possible, choose the tank regulation “collect fully – return fully” when booking online. This pays off in most cases because you only pay for the fuel that you consume. Look early for a gas station near the rental station and be sure to fill up before returning it. Otherwise, the rental company can present you with a juicy fuel bill. Keep the fuel receipt – so you are secured against unjustified claims by the landlord.

11. Rental car return

Return the rental car in good time. Even a short time above the contractually agreed rental period can be expensive. At best, return the car during the opening hours of a rental station and have the return confirmed. If you return the car outside of opening hours, take photos of the undamaged car and the fuel gauge. This way you can prove the perfect condition of the car in case of doubt.

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