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How To Buy A Caravan — Top Tips

If you are thinking to explore the majestic Australian outback, then buying your caravan is an excellent option. With so many options for size selection and a massive range, you can get baffled. That’s the reason we have come up with essential caravan buying tips to help you choose your caravan.

How are you going to use your caravan?

Don’t just consider the first trip, but plan at least for a couple of years or so, which will compel you to answer a couple of vital questions as below:

  • Are you planning to use your caravan just for weekend escapades with your family or friends to one of your favourite destinations?
  • Do you want to make caravan your home touring around Australia that will require months to cover?

When you are clear as to how you are going to use your caravan, then you can better determine caravan’s size and design along with its layout-and-features. The level of touring will decide the need for vital features such as independent rear suspension and off-road capability for your brand-new van.

How are you planning to haul the new caravan?

In case, you want to haul the caravan using your current vehicle, then check the towing capacity of your tow-vehicle first, and accordingly, buy a new caravan whose maximum weight your existing vehicle can haul comfortably.

Small or big caravan — what size you’re after?

Well, if you buy a small caravan, then it would be convenient for one person only and render unfit for more than one person. And if you buy a bigger caravan, then it can get difficult to tow, which will take out the fun from your caravanning. So smaller the caravan effortless will be the towing. The shape and height of the caravan is an essential constituent that needs consideration along with the size because all of these factors will decide the towing performance.

Modern day’s preferred caravan size ranges between 11ft and 24ft. Nevertheless, if you can spend more money, then you can grab the appropriate towing vehicle. And if you’re not apprehensive about towing a bigger caravan then it’s a delight to possess a luxury home on wheels with a decent kitchen, separate bedroom, toilet with a flush, hot and cold running water etc.

Camper trailers & pop-tops

The pop-tops caravan is becoming one of the futuristic offerings in the small to medium-sized caravan range that comes with the fold-down roof section. Pop-ups are ideal when you want to store your idle caravan inside the garage or beneath a carport because you would not have to construct a separate high roof-line carport. Moreover, the low profile of the pop-top and camper trailer when shut-closed offers the advantage of less wind resistance and enhance fuel competence when towing. The substitute option of a camper trailer integrated with a wind-up canvas upper portion and extendable accommodation on each side is an excellent option for families with kids.

Second-hand or brand-new caravan — what’s your preference?

Well, brand-new caravans are constructed with the latest technological know-how and offer safety features, conveniences and many other benefits such as independent rear suspension, durability and lightweight build quality. Besides, when buying a new caravan, you can custom-make the caravan’s layout to match your requirements.

Conversely, if your budget does not allow you to buy a brand-new caravan, then you can buy a second-hand caravan to fulfil your dream. However, when buying a second-hand caravan, you need to make sure that you purchase from a licensed and authorised dealer only — this will enable you to get a clear title when buying a used caravan. Remember, you won’t get clear title on a used caravan if you purchase it from any unauthorised sources. Authorised caravan dealers run many checks to guarantee that the units they sell aren’t stolen or owe any money.

Your caravan buying checklist should include at least the below-mentioned:

  • Make two columns with headers viz. (A) Basic (B) Luxury.
  • Find out the maximum towing capability of your existing vehicle, and accordingly, you will have to purchase a caravan that matches your vehicle’s towing capacity.
  • How much space you require in the caravan.
  • Where would you take your caravan in the next couple of years or so? Figure out how many trips you’ll be making (Rough estimation for the total distance)?
  • What you prefer — creature comforts of home or the joy of light travel?
  • Where will you store the caravan? Figure out upper limit height restriction?

A Final Word

Those are the essential tips to buy a caravan per your requirements and budget, which will facilitate fulfilling your caravanning dream of exploring the beautiful Australian outback. Enjoy caravanning!

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