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Destinations to cover during this Summer Holidays

Heat is on; indeed it’s that time of the year when you look for all the ways to give you some respite from the mighty rays of the sun. What better way to celebrate the summer holidays by escaping to a cooler destination in search of some respite?


Destinations to cover during this Summer Holidays

If you want to get away from the sweltering heat, then Goa is a great option. Thanks to rocking night life, sun kissed beaches and historical churches; you will just be awestruck at some of the great and cost effective hotel packages as well.

Ideal duration-2-3 days

Attractions-Apart from the beaches and the beautiful coastline, Goa has a very diverse market, therefore if you are a shopaholic you would have loads to discover. If you have enough time then do visit the cathedrals and churches in old Goa which has its own charm. The city is engulfed with rugged Western Ghats which is a home to a range of birds and animals. Goa’s hot and humid climate makes it a perfect place to grow spices therefore indulge in viewing some spice plantation.


Destinations to cover during this Summer Holidays

If you are looking for a serene destination away from the hustle bustle of the mad city then Coonoor is the ultimate destination. Apart from the picturesque enchantments, Coonoor has quite a few splendid buildings and cottages in its kitty.

Ideal Duration-2-3days

Attractions– St. Catherine’s Falls is a popular attraction in Coonoor. If you wish to have an excellent view of the falls, then you must visit the top of Dolphin’s nose which is a huge rock replicate a dolphin nose. The climb up to the Dolphin’s nose would guarantee you an abundant trekking experience. Yet another place to visit in Coonoor is the Droog Fort which was used by the Tipu Sultan. If you are fond of Golf then, Wellington Golf Course would fulfill your sporting spirit.


Destinations to cover during this Summer Holidays

Ideal duration-3-4 days

Description-Visakhapatnam does not need any introduction, it is a coastal, port city, and is also known as “The Jewel of the East Coast”, located in Andhra Pradesh, situated on the eastern shore of India, snuggled amid the hills of the Eastern Ghats and fronting the Bay of Bengal to the east .

Ramakrishna Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the city as it is centrally located and offers a range of activities. Rishikonda beach is yet another beach 11 km away from the city which offers some privacy. Gangavara beach is 10 to 12 km away from city people come here to see the rock-like structure that’s like a small island. Yarada beach is located close to the Yarada village which is located behind the Dolphins nose. The drive from Scindia to the top of Dolphin’s Nose is truly pleasurable.


Destinations to cover during this Summer Holidays


Ideal duration-2-3 days

Things to do- Bhadrachala Rama is worth a visit which is the abode of Lord Sri. There is a small museum within the temple complex which displays  jewelry  and others ornaments made for deities of this temple.35 km away from Bhadrachalam is   Parnasala which holds significant historic importance ,this is where Ravans abducted Sita.You can catch the breath-taking views of the forest, waterfalls and the valleys. A short drive from Bhadrachalam is the Papikondalu Hills .Relish a steam boat ride on River Godavari adoring sights of the River and the sun set point.


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Destinations to cover during this Summer Holidays
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