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An Exclusive Guide About Dubai Vacations In 2021.

Dubai is one of the largest cities in the UAE. The populace of the town is over 3 million people. Business and trade are well developed here, in addition to oil production. The evolution of marketing is facilitated by low duties and the lack of many types of taxes. Dubai hosts a variety of exhibitions, conferences and seminars. The city is also famous for hosting large-scale sports contests. Most often, tennis tournaments, horse racing and golf competitions are held here. There are over 1,000 hotels in the resort area. Many hotels require a deposit upon check-in. In this case, this amount is refunded at the end of your Dubai Vacations.

An Exclusive Guide About Dubai Vacations In 2021.

Best Time To Plan Dubai Vacations

A dry climate characterizes the UAE. The air temperature in winter does not rise above 22 degrees. Winters are short and hot here. In spring and autumn, air temperature increases to 30 degrees. Summer is sweltering here. The maximum temperature reaches 48 degrees. In this respect, every room in most resorts and all city taxis is equipped with air conditioning. On hot days, sandstorms are most likely to finish quickly or last for several days.

The water temperature on the Persian Gulf coast in summer rises to 35 degrees. Even in winter, the water is quite comfortable for swimming. Precipitation is infrequent here. The rains are usually short. Sometimes you will find heavy showers.

The best time to relax in the Emirates is from mid-autumn to mid-spring. It’s at this time that the water and air temperature are most comfortable for vacationers. Visit Delta Airlines Booking to book flights, hotel stays, and Dubai Vacations packages.

How to travel to Dubai?

The most convenient way to get around the streets is by cab. This is the fastest type of transport, which will cost you at least 10 dirhams. Since 2007, a special taxi for women has been working here. You can recognize it by the pink color of the vehicle.

The town has two metro lines that have been working since 2009. There are many regular buses in all areas, which is no more than 2 dirhams.

Palm Jumeirah is the only monorail in the Middle East. Besides, there is a widespread type of transport such as water buses, which will cost you only 1 dirham. And because in 2010, a water taxi for 11 passengers has been operating in the Persian Gulf. It’s one of the best place to spend your Dubai Holidays with family.

List Of Places That You Can Explore During Dubai Vacations

The resort center of the UAE provides many exciting places for tourists. You can learn about what to see in Dubai at your resort – at the registration desks. You’ll usually find announcements of events, brochures, and a city map in Russian – they are distributed completely free of charge. There you can also purchase a tour of exciting places.

Burj Dubai

It is the tallest building in the world. The height of the building is 828 meters. The construction has 163 floors. The building houses nine hotels, 700 residential flats, a chain of stores and a considerable number of office premises. There’s an observation deck on the 148th floor. The construction of the Burj Khalifa cost the country more than $ 4 billion. A building trip will cost 300-500 dirhams for adults and 95-250 dirhams for children. Children under four years old can enter the building at no charge. Tickets can be purchased at Dubai Mall or from tour guides.

Singing fountain

Another must-see attraction is the Singing Fountain. It’s located in the middle of Downtown. The height of the water release is 150 meters. At precisely the same time, it is illuminated with colored spotlights and a large number of lanterns. The show runs for 10 minutes every half hour from 18.00 every evening. The show is free.

It’s created in the shape of a date palm. There are several hotels, about 1000 shops, parks, restaurants and residential complexes on the island. You can get to the island by high-speed monorail train or via an underwater tunnel.

Place To Explore For Adventure Lover’s

Ski Dubai

Its area is 22,500 sq. meters. It get replenish daily with 30 tons of snow. The length of the tracks reaches 400 meters. At the same time, two lifts are working here. A day in Ski Dubai will cost the visitor $60 for adults and $46 for kids. Ski Dubai accommodates 1,500 visitors daily. This facility works all year round.

When picking an excursion, you should include a visit to the Dubai Zoo in your itinerary. The zoo invites people to see rare Arabian animals such as the Arabian wolf, the wild cat Gordon, and the Socotrian cormorants. The zoo features a massive array of prey, nine species of felines and seven species of primates. Children under two years old can go to the zoo at no cost.

Things to do in Dubai Vacations

  1. For people who prefer active leisure, Dubai provides a large number of amusement and water parks.

2. Sports lovers also have something to do here. The city comes with various sports fields, tennis courts, yacht clubs, soccer clubs, ice hockey rinks and diving centers. The town hosts prestigious tennis tournaments, golf tournaments, rugby competitions.

3. Nature lovers can book a tour of the desert. Night safaris and trips to the Flaming Islands are incredibly common.

4. For relaxation, a trip to the Arab bath is provided.

5. You can book a unique Big Bus Tour for people who prefer to see the main attractions in one day. It is an open-top sightseeing bus tour that will enable you to explore the city’s key sights in comfortable conditions. An audio guide in several languages accompanies the trip.

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An Exclusive Guide About Dubai Vacations In 2021.
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