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10 Tips: How to Make the Rental Car Cheaper!

Here you can find out what else you can do to save on your rental car without any loss of quality.

1. Book early

The be-all and end-all of a cheap rental car booking is the timing. In general, the earlier you book, the cheaper the rental car will be. Why? Quite simply: Since all car rental companies want to rent out their car without a break, they offer high discounts for early bookers. In this way, you secure your income for the future well in advance.

2. Bring your own extra equipment

Depending on how and with which luggage you are traveling, you can save by bringing your own additional equipment. Car rental companies often have to pay for child seats or navigation devices. If you have sufficient space in your luggage, check before you leave that you have packed all the equipment you need. You can see whether and how much you have to pay for which extras with a provider on billiger-mietwagen.de by clicking on the details and rental conditions.

3. Refrain from hotel delivery

Delivery to the hotel or port costs extra and can also mean that you are using the shuttle bus will be picked up from the hotel and driven to the rental station. If you get to the rental station by taxi, public transport, or on foot, this is usually the cheaper option.

4. Book a rental car station outside the airport

Car rental companies have to pay a fee for their stations in airport terminals. As a result, the prices for rental cars at the airport are usually higher than in the city. If your tour operator offers a free shuttle transfer from the airport to the hotel, it makes sense to go to a rental station there first. Even without a shuttle bus, it is often cheaper to take other means of transport from the airport to the city and pick up the rental car there.

5. Select “full” tank filling and adhere to it

The “full/full” tank policy is the cheapest option. You accept the vehicle with a full tank and return it with a full tank. Make sure that the tank is full when you return it.

It is best to look around for a petrol station nearby when you pick up your rental car. Otherwise, the Rental Company will charge you for the missing gasoline and an additional fee. Then it will be far more expensive for you than at the gas station.

6. Rent a fuel-efficient car

Smaller cars usually use less fuel and cost less to rent. You can save even more on fuel with hybrid and electric cars.

7. Avoid mileage limits

you can search for offers without a mileage limit by activating the corresponding filter. With most providers, all kilometers are “free” anyway, usually the cheapest option for a rental car.

If there is a limit, be careful to adhere to it. Otherwise, every kilometer you drive too much will cost you dearly.

8. Do not accept additional insurance from the rental company

If you have booked an offer with fully comprehensive insurance without excess, you are well insured. Unfortunately, in some travel countries, it can still happen that the local rental station allegedly wants to sell you important supplementary insurance that you do not need at all.

Don’t let that fool you. All the services that you have booked are documented on your voucher and information sheet. For popular travel destinations, you will receive an additional information sheet in the local language that you can hold under the nose of the local landlord in case of doubt.

9. Return the car in good time

Pay close attention to when you booked your rental car. Even returning it a few hours late can cost you a lot of money. If you return the car earlier than planned, the contractually agreed rental period will still apply. That means you still have to pay full price.

10. Clarify one-way rentals beforehand

If you return your rental car to the same location where you picked it up, you are on the safe side. If you want to hand it over to another location, you should clarify the costs of repatriation beforehand. One- way rental is free in many countries.

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10 Tips: How to Make the Rental Car Cheaper!
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