Checking the brochures of top Spas in the town and yet couldn’t figure out which one to go. Before you figure out which spa you should go, first decide, you expect from your Spa treatment. Here is a list of different types of spas and massages that will help you decide, what is best suited for your body.


Spas and massages have been a great way to reduce stress and relax your body. But at the same time, it is very important to choose which, kind of Spa one should go to and what kind of massage one should take.

And that is why this article will introduce you with different types of massages and Spas and their primary focus.


When we say, our body needs a break, it certainly means that it is high time that we should go to a Spa and pamper ourselves so that mind and body can relax and heal themselves from all the pressure they have been handling for so long. Of course, one can easily relax and maintain their glowing skin through home-made face-packs and maintaining a proper diet of foods and healthy drinks but one also needs a different ambiance to smooth their minds from the hustle-bustle of work and deadlines. Apart from the relaxation, Spa also helps you detox your body, rekindles spiritual nectar and heals emotional damage that we have been suffering from. But does all the Spas do this? No, there are different types of Spas, that specialize in one thing and you have to decide, what you need the most.

And that is here is a list of different types of Spas and their benefits –

  • THALASSOTHERAPY SPA – This Spa is a specialist spa to detox and relax. The therapy involves the usage of warm seawater. Warm seawater cleanses skin pores deeply, maintain and reduces excessive oil production and hinders bacteria that can activate breakouts and acne in the skin.
  • THERMAL SPA – This Spa is good for people who have joint or muscle ailments. Thermal Spas are generally around hot water springs or mineral springs so that people can feel rejuvenated under the scenic beauty of mother earth. Thermal Spas especially benefit people who have body pains, arthritis, skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, ichthyoids, or dermatitis or similar ailments.
  • TRADITIONAL SPA – A traditional Spa is only traditional by its name, these kinds of Spas have all the modern amenities unlike a destination Spa-like Jacuzzi, Steam, Sauna, fitness facility, swimming pool, etc. that helps in replenish and deep – nourishment of the skin. These Spas also provides services like nutrition and diet consultancy.
  • AYURVEDIC SPA – An Ayurvedic Spa involves ancient methods that not rejuvenate your dull and saggy skin in a holistic background through various natural ingredients. Generally, they involve various activities like oil massage, herbal infusion, enema, panchakarma and cleansing along with yoga, anti-aging processes. The spa also in reducing weight.
  • DESTINATION SPA HOLIDAYS – Take a weekend off and fly to any destination Spas. These kinds of SPAS involve various activities that not only take of your skin but also to the whole body. These kinds of Spas follow a healthy holiday program which includes fitness activities, exercise classes, holistic and spiritual classes along with a healthy diet.

Apart from these, there are various Spas, that specializes in certain therapies like mud baths, body wraps, etc., however they quite country specific Moroccan spas, Indian spas or Swiss spas, etc. So if you want to enjoy them, you will travel overseas for a spa vacation.


Once you select your desired Spa, it is also important to decide what kind of massage you want to get. Every massage owns a specific purpose, and before you get down to a Spa, it is very important for you to know, where you expect from the massage.

In order to give you a clear idea, here is a list of some famous Massages that are quite common and effective –

  • ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE – This massage will help you to relieve pain and stress by pressing certain points of the body. The pressure will gently apply pressure on the body by the therapist through his/her fingers. This massage has been proven to improve blood circulation and joint pains. It is considered relaxing that promotes the flow of energy.
  • ABDOMINAL MASSAGE – this massage mainly focuses on the abdominal and pelvic region of the body. It is quite helpful for women who have problems like infertility, irregular periods, hormonal or bladder imbalance, ovary, and constipation issues, etc.  It is also beneficial for men, who have digestive or bladder issues.
  • THAI MASSAGE- Thai massage is one of the famous massages that people widely prefer. Since this massage is a combination of stretching and acupressure, it involves body parts like feet, knees, elbows, thumbs and palms. Apart from that Thai massages have also been proven to help in back and shoulder problems like muscle strain, stiff neck, spinal cord issues, etc.
  • DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE THERAPY – This therapy is quite beneficial for people who have a muscle strain or muscle pull problems. This therapy works within the deep layers of skin and attacks on the cells and tissues that cause uneasiness. The therapist uses its fingertips and forearms to apply pressure, which sometimes is painful but it’s quite effective.
  • AROMATHERAPY – This is known as classic Massage therapy involving essential oils and natural extracts. Depending upon the client’s preference different oils and fragrances are used to create a soothing and relaxing environment. The therapy also gives a choice of different fragrant oils for different purposes calming, energizing, cleansing, decongesting, etc.
  • AYURVEDIC MASSAGE – in order to maintain the health of mind and soul, this Ayurvedic massage is the right option for you. One can get personalized massages by choosing the oils, techniques, and movements of the massage. This massage will also focus on acupressure points and great options for detoxification, building the immune system and for the overall body.

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