Dora Cake Topper-Says It All For Your Little Angels Theme Party

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What's This?

Dora the explorer is a much loved cartoon adventure show among kids or all ages. It is a unique cartoon show which features Dora and her friends who go on different trip in different episodes. This is show which helps children learn language skills in a fun way. This show has become so popular among the children that many birthday themes revolve around it.

One of the most sought after products which have become quite in demand are the Dora cake topper. There can be various kinds of Dora cake topper. You can make the whole theme such as a jungle adventure, or a circus trip. For these toppers a 4-5 kg cake would be required. But if one wants a smaller cake like a 1-2 kg cake then it would be best to carve Dora’s or any of her friends, You can even have all of Dora’s friends, however it would be advisable to have a double tier cake. You can make a single-tier cake and color on the characters’ faces. If you don’t have enough time then you can buy ready to use figures of Dora and her friends which are readily available in the market.


In order to make a Dora cake topper you could make her face and her unique haircut, or a topper showing Dora posing. If you want to make Dora’s face or body, then you could either use a mould or hand carve it. You may also make your own carving bag using a help of a plastic wrapping paper. If you are creative enough and have the patience to hand carve a character then nothing better than this. Use fondant and mix several colors to do all the necessary detailing on Dora’s face and wonderful accessories. If you want to make a standing Dora or a posing Dora then dowel rods, cake board are also required other than a cake and a fondant. Fasten a wider rod in the center to make the body of Dora and add a cake board to create Dora’s waist. Same procedure is followed to create her head. To create the arms attach two dowel rods. You can decorate the body parts of Dora with icing and o chocolate pieces. With a help of a spoon shape the cake and the figures sharply and gently.

If you want to host a Dora the explored theme party them this Dora cake topper is a must have. To give it a more theme like look you can buy Dora theme party accessories. Dora cake topper has become very popular these days and is also available in the market. If you want a special Dora’s adventure theme then it is advisable to get it made by a professional. There are many bakers who take such orders and customize it according to the client’s preference. Dora cake topper looks very attractive because of the bright colors which Dora wears. Bright pink and lime adds color and brightness to the cake which is also kids favorites.

  • Sachin Saxena

    Ohh! My daughter is simply in love with Dora the xplorer