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The trouble that the bed bugs cause shows us that they are no less than vampires that are famous for sucking blood and similar acts. However, many people are never alarmed in time. The fact is very understandable that there is extermination of pests and there is widespread usage of DDT in the United States after World War 1. Due to immigration and international travels, the bed bug symptoms have been surfacing. People are not even aware sometimes about the crisis till they experience an oval shape insect bite and excessive itching. The symptoms have always been fading away and there have been chances wherein bed bugs are mistaken with dust mite bites and mosquito bites.main_bed-bug-infestation.jpg

Whenever, bed bug symptoms are experienced in households, people have a tendency of not checking the couch upholstery, beddings and mattresses. Usually, gel type sprays are sprayed by the members for killing these mosquitoes and cockroaches. Of course, this is not of much use for controlling bed bugs. Thus, the upholstery and furniture are constantly infested due to bed bugs. In such situations, Pest Control RI is the best option. Given below are some tips that will help in understanding the attack of bed bugs at home.bed-bugs-featured

  • A house that is infested with bed bugs will have a sweet, musty and an offensive odor. Actually, the bed bugs are responsible for releasing this odor through their scent glands.
  • Always watch out for excrement and fecal stains and also for shed skins in the egg cases, holes, crevices and holes.
  • Also make sure to keep a check on the furniture near the bed.
  • The bed springs, wallpapers and clothing in the dresser should be checked for brown or reddish stains of excrement.
  • Also make sure to check the living room couch for stains and this is true specially for people who have got bed bug symptoms such as swollen bites immediately after they sit on the couch.
  • A thorough check should be done on various places of the house where a person is staying for 30 minutes or for more period of time.fKJU5mY

The best hiding places for the bed bugs are”

  • Seams and thin cracks of mattresses because they are very well suited places for locating bed bugs.
  • The bed bugs are always living very close to their food sources and it is human blood.
  • The key places that are the best hiding places of bed bugs are the cracks near the bed or near the living room and bedroom. The moment bed bugs are sighted in any parts of the house, it is very obvious that they are all around that place.bed-bug-services

Bed bug symptoms are not noticed by all people. In some people, intense red and itchy sores are developed. Some have red dots while no signs are shown by some. Bed bugs are always known to cause various skin infections that are very scarring and in some cases they cause illness and nausea. Pest control RI is surely the best option.bed-bug