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The psychiatrist wants to regain control of the mental health treatment

Psychiatrists feel they are marginalized. They want to regain their leadership role in mental health.

Psychiatrists are proud of their profession. They feel that they can mean something to their patients, and they also get a lot of energy and satisfaction from interacting with them. Yet nearly one in three psychiatrists is considering leaving mental health care (mental health care). They feel they play only a marginal role in healthcare, the workload and bureaucracy have increased enormously, and many feel emotionally drained.

This is evident from the Psychiatrist Thermometer, an online survey conducted by the website De Jonge Psychiater and completed by more than 800 psychiatrists, a quarter of the total. The respondents want more room for the psychiatrist’s role as a medical specialist and as a leader in this complex care.

The results did not surprise Elnathan Prinsen, chairman of the Psychiatric Association. “The questions have a history; of course, the process of marginalizing the role of the psychiatrist has been going on for much longer. At the same time, as chairman, I am very happy when it turns out that almost 100 percent of my colleagues are proud of their profession. ”

High workload, increased bureaucracy. These are complaints that can also be heard elsewhere in healthcare. What makes psychiatry different?

“The setting. Most of the other medical specialists work in a hospital. That is a medical organization in which the role of the doctor is clear. When a patient comes to a neurologist, it quickly becomes clear whether the problem lies in his field. If not, he will not treat the patient. The role of a psychiatrist is much more vague. Look, the demand for mental health care is growing enormously, but the number of psychiatric disorders is not. Many mental health questions are not a disorder in the strict sense but have a social or societal background. Unemployment, loneliness. People who cannot handle life well. ”

Then what is the problem? Can’t you also refer to those people?

Yes, psychiatrists can. They have a broad outlook. They view a patient both medico-biologically and psychologically and socially. And be able to assess which care is most appropriate for someone. But then the psychiatrist has to be at the front door of such a mental health institution to perform proper diagnostics. Two-thirds work in such an institution. They are the smallest discipline, next to psychologists and nurses. And they are the most expensive. This has created the incentive in the current funding system to use them as little as possible. Of course, the care is not served if the psychiatrist is only called in when others cannot help someone. ”

Can a psychiatrist make a difference?

“I’m convinced of that. In psychiatry, people have an image of rich people discussing their problems on the sofa. But a psychiatrist is a specialist who treats disorders such as psychosis and depression. We can often really make people better. We also get that energy from that. Not checking the boxes. ”

Mental well-being challenges are growing every day, and only a competent therapist has to be seen if we feel a mental illness. So if you have to go to Kentucky to have a mental disorder, they have the best psychiatrists in Louisville, KY.

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The psychiatrist wants to regain control of the mental health treatment
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