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Natural remedies to get rid of Acne

Acne is a skin problem which is very common during puberty and if not taken care of can pose a huge problem during adulthood. The worse part about acne is that even after it is cured it may leave scars and lead to hyperpigmentation. Therefore it is advisable to cure acne the natural way rather than going for steroids and antibiotics. One can very easily stay bay from acne by following a healthy diet and making use of some natural remedies.Natural remedies to get rid of Acne

Mother Nature is blessed with ingredients which have antibiotic properties and are very easily found in all households. You don’t even have to spend loads of money as in expensive creams and lotions. All you have to do is practice a holistic lifestyle and you will be amazed to see your skin glowing without any scars and pigmentation.

Now a day’s people are going the fast way and consuming fast food which is unhealthy .Not many realize that by consuming fast food they not only add on the extra calories but also induce bad cholesterol in their body. Nowadays there are foods such as dairy products and meat which has hormones induced which results in over productions of hormones and lead to acne and pimples. Therefore try and buy some organic food rather than buying processed food which is available in supermarkets.

Following are few of the natural remedies and tips which can cure acne quite effectively

  • Science has proved that if your cholesterol is not on a high side then it is safe to have 1 egg a day, however children and teens can have 2 eggs daily. In case of adults it is advisable to have an egg white and leave the yolk. The egg is one of that food which has proven fact of curing acne as it is full of proteins. Egg yolk which is fat can be avoided.

Natural remedies to get rid of Acne

  • Obesity can lead to worsening of acne .Thus people feel by skipping meals can make them healthy and cure acne and breakout. However this is not true. One must have a healthy breakfast which must consist of 1 full glass of milk and some fresh fruits. By consuming a glass of milk one may feel full and may not crave for unhealthy food all day long.Natural remedies to get rid of Acne
  • Replace coffee with milk or fresh juice. Coffee has caffeine which may induce hormones to work more actively resulting in breakouts. A cup of coffee is fine but too much of coffee can be bad for people who are suffering from acne. In fact try and have some herbal teas such as green tea and spearmint tea. Herbal tea has some anti-androgen properties and is known to lower the androgen hormones naturally. You can consume herbal teas twice a day without sugar.Natural remedies to get rid of Acne
  • Try and incorporate loads of vitamin in your diet. Vitamins try and heal the skin. Hence try and eat as many salads and fresh fruits as possible. Try to replace simple carbohydrates with some vitamins that is green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. You can also have some fresh fruit juice however acne diet prescribes on lowering sweets.Natural remedies to get rid of Acne
  • Very few people are aware that garlic has some very good mechanical properties. Not only does it help in reduction of hyper pigmentation and scarring but also helps in the reduction of acne breakout.Natural remedies to get rid of Acne
  • Get your iron hemoglobin level tested. It has been seen that people who are anemic or lack multivitamins also suffer from acne. Hence you can eat apples and incorporate some essential amino acids such as fish oil or cod liver oil etc.Natural remedies to get rid of Acne
  • Last but not the least remember to consume plenty of water at least 8-10 glasses of water helps in cleansing the body and flushing out the toxins from the body.Natural remedies to get rid of Acne

By following an acne diet, you would see an immense improvement in breakout and will see your skin glowing once again.

Natural remedies to get rid of Acne
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Natural remedies to get rid of Acne
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