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Bone Fracture: How to Accelerate Consolidation?

It takes time to consolidate (heal) a fractured bone, and many patients do not want to be patient! Cure of a bone that is broken is a process linked to several factors, including the age of patients, overall health, nutrition, bone blood flow, and treatment quality.

Bone consolidation takes place in four stages – hematoma formation, cell growth, callus formation, and ossification.

We have some tips to help your bone heal

1. Stop Smoking

Some of the recommendations may be controversial. However, it is scientifically proven that patients who smoke have a much longer consolidation time than the average and a much higher risk of developing non-healing (bone healing) .

Smoking affects the blood flow to the bone, knowing that it is the blood that provides the oxygen and nutrients needed to repair damaged tissue.

2. Adequate Rest

Adequate rest allows the body to mobilize all the elements necessary to combat stress and promote healing. Rest allows the body to produce cells and tissues more quickly.

3. Eat a Balanced Diet

Healing or consolidating fractured bone requires more nutrients than a normal bone maintenance process. Fracture patients will eat a healthy diet to guarantee the sufficient consumption of nutrients in all food classes.

A balanced diet, rich in protein, calcium, and vitamin C is necessary to promote bone healing. Vitamin C can be obtained from citrus fruits in particular.

4. Avoid Excessive Consumption of Calcium Supplements

Calcium is indeed necessary to promote bone consolidation, but by taking excessive doses of calcium, you put yourself at risk without promoting healing of the fracture.

Make sure you consume the recommended dose of calcium and try to consume more of the natural calcium found in your daily diet. Taking mega-doses of calcium does not help quick recovery.

5. Adhere to your Doctor’s Therapeutic Protocol

If your doctor recommends treatment (plaster, surgery, landfill, crutches, etc.), you must respect this. Changing treatment or not following medical instructions before the scheduled date may delay your recovery.

Your doctor must ensure proper alignment of your fractured bone. When there is a good reduction or the correct alignment of the ends of the broken bone is suitable, healing is rapid.

By removing a cast or walking on a broken bone before your doctor allows, you can make your health worse and go on to serious complications.

6. Ultrasound Therapy and Electrical Stimulation 

In general, your bone does not need the action of external devices to consolidate. These devices are not known for this purpose. However, in difficult situations where the bone has a delay in healing, these can be useful to help restart the consolidation process according to some studies.

Understanding the fracture and the consolidation process

A fracture is defined by a loss of continuity in the bone substance. The term covers any bone interruption, going from one extreme in the case where a bone is broken into several fragments (plurifragmentary or comminuted fracture) to the other in fractures in angel hair, or even microscopic.

Fractures are induced by the application of pressures beyond the bone strength maximum. The most frequent source is trauma.

Pathological Fractures

A pathological fracture occurs on an abnormal bone or site of a lesion. If the bone injury decreases the strength of the bone, then the force required to cause a fracture is reduced and may even become insignificant. For example, a fracture of the subtrochanteric femur on a bone metastasis is a frequent location.

Bone Consolidation

The consolidation of a fracture is a completely natural process since it is the only ” scarring ” that results in a reconstruction of the injured tissue. Whatever bone is involved, consolidation is a natural phenomenon that proceeds in two main stages.

The first is the period of union during which the bone regains its anatomical continuity; it is followed by the much longer remodeling period, which restores the bone to its shape, structure, original strength.


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