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Blood test during pregnancy

Tests during pregnancy are quite common. When a woman gets symptoms of pregnancy she needs to undergo some tests. These tests basically include urine and blood tests. Generally both of these tests are conducted to know whether the result is positive or negative. Blood test during pregnancy is conducted firstly to check whether you are pregnant and then it’s also conducted to check whether you have sexually transmitted any disease.

How and when blood tests are conducted

Blood tests are either conducted at home or at the doctor’s clinic. A small sample of your blood is collected in a tube and is taken for examination. After checking the blood you get the results. Blood test during pregnancy is mostly conducted in the prenatal period. If the first blood test result shows some disease then you need to undergo more blood tests during your pregnancy period.

Blood test during pregnancy

Why are blood tests conducted during pregnancy?

  • Blood tests are conducted to know whether a pregnant woman has The Rh protein in her blood because women who lack the Rh protein can most likely transmit a dangerous blood problem to their babies.
  • Blood test during pregnancy is also taken to have a check on the blood cell count. If the blood cell count is low then it states that you are anemic and can easily get tired.
  • As stated earlier blood tests helps in knowing whether you have transmitted any sexual disease like syphilis, aids etc as they can easily harm the baby.
  • Blood test during pregnancy not only helps in detecting sexually transmitted diseases but it also detects other antibodies which tells you whether you are prone to diseases like chicken-pox and measles as having these diseases can affect your pregnancy.
  • Apart from all these blood tests are conducted to assess your iron and hemoglobin levels.Blood test during pregnancy

Blood test during pregnancy is more reliable than urine test because blood tests are easy and gives you faster results where as urine tests take time. Blood test does not have any side effect and posses any risk to the mother as well as the baby. In fact it is a routine test which is conducted to detect pregnancy and is a part of your prenatal care. There are other tests too which are conducted on a pregnant women like ultrasound and special prenatal tests if the mother and her baby are prone to some severe risks.Blood test during pregnancy

Blood test during pregnancy
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Blood test during pregnancy
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