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9 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Diet At Work

Christmas presents and his hearty meal approaches, colder and too lazy to go for a run. As if that weren’t enough, we have a sedentary job which also we need to eat. What can we do to take care of our diet? How can we make the menu of the day in a plastic box with healthier food and at a lower price?

Below we offer you the best advice so that you can eat every day in your office without suffering from food deficits, or you have to resort to unhealthy solutions. You also fulfill jacuzzi.

As we saw last week in the online review Reader’s Digest, we can know the keys to escaping the easy formulas that lead us to eat sugary or too salty snacks and fattening us long term damage to our health.

How to get healthy food in daily work?

1.- Prepare the food the night before

Emotional influence when choosing food is certain. Therefore, it is recommended to buy on a full stomach. Likewise, preparing the food, we need to eat the next day, after supper, we get a clear and objective perspective on what we eat and how much we need food.

2.- Keep healthy snacks on hand

Think about the space where you spend most of your workday, trying to organize the physical space so that you don’t have to look at those unhealthy treacherous, sweet, or extremely salty snacks. If what we want is a more responsible choice of food, ten hands nuts uncooked or low salt. Try to have more recommended alternatives than the dreaded trip to the snack machine.

3.- Protect your senses

It is true that for those who work in one way or another in the food business, foodporn escape images either through digital social networks or in person when they walk past their peers with food or have walked into the kitchen of our restaurant, It is a little more impossible. However, we can be warned by some of those healthy snacks we talked about, or with a bottle of water on hand, to drink right now.

It is shown that when we see or sniff, acceptable food triggers a conditioned response in us that prompts us to consume. The heart rate increases as salivation and gastric activity, which whets the appetite. While it cannot strip your office environment of these influences, we can be prepared to deal with them.

4.- Become the champion of healthy eating

If you count in the living room office with donuts, candies or other sweets, you may be the first to take the plunge and surprise your coworkers with a platter of healthy snacks, apples, or cranberries.

These foods are healthier, and not only will it be a gesture seen as a courtesy to other coworkers, but they also help improve the office environment while helping you keep your diet in check.

5.- Take a break from your lunch

We often spend the time we need to eat, waiting for other tasks such as the computer or on top of the Smartphone. To avoid this, the author advised us to be aware of the food that we are ingesting at the moment, leave out mobile and find a break free space to focus all our attention only on the food.

6.- Take your long term food choices

Rather than using food as a distraction, we will understand how a healthy diet habit influences our long-term well-being. On the other side, they use sugar and unhealthy products as a way of instant laughter regulation. Think later on about it, something that’s going to push us around and feel guilty for sins.

7.- Use Mindfulness

There is a study discussing Mindfulness as a tool to reduce emotional eating significantly. Co-author of this study, Carl Fulwiler says that by being fully aware of our emotions, we can control our thoughts and impulses to avoid the easy meal when we are working out.

Stress or rushing can lead us to the menu of the day, intending to fill his stomach as a way to reduce the pressure on our head, something unnecessary, as it is, as we said, relief that Momentary does not help us. Then focusing on being more aware of our emotions and understanding how they influence our thinking and behavior helps us control our behaviors when alimentary s, even in a work environment and under pressure than the office.

8.- Reducing triggers emotional eating

Accepting, stress, and work, often they go hand in hand. Knowing this in advance, How to recognize and stop the influence of stress on food choices?

One solution is cognitive-behavioral redirection. “In the first place, must be aware of the automated responses, we insist on, and avoid eating the latter manifest.” “If you feel angry and eating is something that helps you, you keep doing it.” And probably keep feeding the stress beast until you change that automatic response to a healthier alternative.

9.- Do not deprive yourself of the little pleasures of life

The last tip for healthy food, but spending 8 hours a day sitting in the office is a bit of a paradox, but enjoy it a bit! It is not to become extremist healthy food, it will not be useful for the future.

“Pleasure-free is also said to be a reason for overeating.” Skipping the diet will encourage us to meet our balanced living objectives often as the premise that other things are not confined works. The trick is to have the long-term fitness and well-being target in mind. “And where the ‘just for this moment’ is repeated is troublesome.”

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9 Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Diet At Work
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