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5 Ways Skiing Is Healthy for You

Everyone knows exercise is important; but, unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to get a good workout in during the winter. You could always just go to a gym and run the treadmill, but why not embrace the winter activities that are only possible with snow on the ground? Skiing and snowboarding are fantastic for your body, plus they give you a shot of pure adrenaline sure to scare all the winter blues away! Included here are a few of the ways skiing helps tone and strengthen your body during those winter months.

Tones Stomach Muscles

Skiing is a delicate balancing act on a literal slippery slope. In order to maintain your footing and get down the slope gracefully, you have to give your core an intense workout. Your core stability muscles along either side of your spine will automatically be activated as you maintain balance and you will inadvertently gain strength and better toned stomach muscles.

Work Your Cardiovascular System

As your heart rate begins to elevate during your workout on the slopes, your cardiovascular system will begin working much harder. The increased blood flow will further improve circulation; bringing more nutrients and oxygen to your system and tissues as well as helping to remove waste from the body more quickly. Not to mention, getting your blood pumping can help increase  your metabolism and balance your hormonal systems. If you suffer from a chronic condition, like diabetes, working your cardiovascular system can help you better manage your health.

Lose Weight

You can burn as many as 3,000 calories in just six hours on the slopes. Not to mention, it is one of the most enjoyable weight loss workouts you can find. The steeper the slope you choose, the more calories you will burn as your body works to remain balanced. In a typical ski vacation of a week, by the end of the trip you could have lost 5 pounds. Of course, if you try to avoid the high calorie food and drinks that usually accompany a ski vacation you can lose even more weight.

Build Relationships

Learning to ski from a loved one is a beautiful experience that can help strengthen your relationship and create long-lasting memories. It can be humbling and exciting to try new things with someone you trust. If you choose to pass on the fun to another friend or family member, you will be able to continue the chain of learning and growth together. Members of a romantic relationship can help bring spice and interest to their time together by trying new things like skiing.

Focus Your Mind

Skiing requires a lot of concentration and focus. The cold air can help clear your mind and help you feel refreshed, even in the middle of winter. You will be pushed to pick a line through the trees, navigate moguls or stay up on the steep slopes. The combined effort of exerting body and mind will leave you exhausted in a good way by the end of the day, and you are sure to sleep better.

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5 Ways Skiing Is Healthy for You

Everyone knows exercise is important; but, unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to get a good workout in during the winter. You could always...