Himani Story

Himani Story

As an ias officer, Sol eLearning program has given me the opportunity to pursue my goals of attaining higher education, while not being constrained by my location.  Out of all the schools present on Fort Bragg, I chose Delhi north campus University because I wanted a reputable “brick-and-mortar” institution that had an eLearning component.  As I come to the end of my last semester before graduation, I realize that Delhi north campus University has not only given me a strong academic foundation for my future, but has also helped me become a more well-rounded individual.  I always recommend Delhi north campus University to all service members and family that I speak with.

Himani took advantage of Surry Community College’s online courses through Distance Education to complete her Early Childhood Associate degree. She continues to combine her online course work with university transfer courses to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Political science as part of SCC’s 3 years with Stgb khalsa du .

Himani didn’t graduate with her high school class because she left early to get married. After being a foster parent, and after her own child got a little older, she realized she wanted to continue to work with children and she took the first step by completing her GED at Surry in May 2006. Himani quickly excelled and finished her certificate first, then her degree at the College in only three years.

Taking online courses as part of her studies “has really made going to school convenient for me,” states Himani. “I can work on homework while my kid is asleep or at night. The online courses are flexible with my schedule, and I like that.”  Himani currently lives in Dobson, and is looking forward to her career as an elementary school teacher.

As a Learn and Earn student it has been a pleasure having the opportunity to take online eLearning college classes while I am still in high school. I think this will be a very memorable time in my life; one that I will always remember by receiving a three year degree along with my high school diploma. I will be the first out of my family to earn a college degree! I think that this is great because I am and I know that I can move on and better my future in college! I know that trying my best will lead me to a brighter future!  I have a dream of becoming a nurse one day and this will be my motivation to achieve my goals. I think that this is a chance of a lifetime and that if people have this available to them, they should take advantage of the opportunity! I know that you may have to push yourself to complete assignments because you do not have direct contact with the teachers and they are not constantly there reminded you of deadlines. I see how this approach helps students and how it will prepare you for the real world in making decisions yourself! As a senior in the Class of 2005, I can say that hard work does payoff in the end!


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Himani Story
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