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Few things which you often do with best friends might make you laugh after few years down the line

Youth is arguably the best time in a person’s life. One most important aspect of this time is the presence of friends. If you have few best buddies in your life then you would definitely cherish the experiences shared with them. These might range from serious matters which made you grow strong to childish pranks which might make you laugh when you think about them in future.

Following are few things which you might have done with your best buddies

  1. Nick naming each other-Do you remember calling your best buddies with a name which he/she could not have even imagined in their wildest of their dreams. And surprisingly nick names kept on changing every now and then
  2. Pooling in money to have that special treat-Its often common to be short of money especially when you start off with your first job. That’s the time when you save and pool in money to enjoy a special treat.
  3. House parties-It’s a common practice to have a house party with your best buddies, not only does it save money but guarantees full on masti.
  4. Sleepovers-Did you have a hangover from last night. Too afraid to return back home, don’t worry you definitely have an option to stay back at your friends place.
  5. Joint studies-Something on a serious note. Burning the mid night lamp at friends place, by doing collaborative studies often pays off.
  6. Bunking classes-Bunking classes to get hold of the new release at the nearby cinema is not too uncommon during college days.
  7. Talking about latest crush-Who better to confide about your latest crush other that your best buddies and on the contrary plan and plot revenge with your ex on dumping you.
  8. Borrowing clothes-Remember borrowing clothes and jewellery especially when you had to go for your special date.
  9. Giving each other a makeover-You would definitely and certainly trust your best buddies when it comes to trying a makeover. Firstly it’s an experience in itself and secondly if it goes right you get it free of cost.
  10. Helping each other-You will not have an iota of a doubt before helping your best buddy. When it comes to best buddies you won’t mind sharing job opportunities, latest gigs, and even your pocket money.


It’s not too late to build friendships if you still don’t have one. You definitely are missing on too much fun if you don’t wish to have a group of best buddies.

Few things which you often do with best friends might make you laugh after few years down the line
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