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Children condition during Lockdown

Lockdown’s impact can be seen in every section’s child. Those from lower and middle-lower are mostly affected in multiple ways like: in health, stress level, concerns related to the family situation, school closures, anxiety about their future, etc. Countless are suffering alone and many are suffering because of mental or physical stress given by family members due to economic strain, such as physical violence by depressed minds, facing the shock of abusive parents, bearing mental stress of domestic violence, etc. This is the worst scenario because they can’t leave their situation and it will gradually bring huge mental stress, which will torture them in the future too. Many support systems and government policies playing a vital role to eliminate such vulnerable impacts.

Lower Class

India has 33 million child laborers in the age group 5-18. Due to lockdown mostly affected ones are HOMELESS children and RAGPICKERS. How can someone maintain hygiene without a home? In this era of child abusers in every street many children prefer to change their place or people like us make them to do so  ( because we find someone inappropriate to live even on the roadside to our houses ) especially girl child is facing huge impact among homeless children. They can be exploited, raped, sold and it delivers them to prostitution finally. The basics of life like food, water facilities reaching to them in 2-3 days it means 2 days probably they have to live an empty stomach. In news many migrant workers told their situation about how they live 3 days with rice given to them by food providers  ( they stored rice by adding water in it and ate when they got nothing),  this is shocking.

Ragpickers are another shade of this vulnerable situation, due to lockdown police has made them to stop their activity which is understandable during a virus outbreak, but how will they sustain? They both need at least basic necessities of life like food, water, sanitation, shelter facilities.

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Children condition during Lockdown
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