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Web developer: how to easily find clients

Are you a web developer or have a web designing company in Pakistan and looking for ways to find clients to offer your service? Do you have knowledge of web design but you can’t find clients to earn money to make a living from your profession?

Continue reading because I present in this article 2 good strategies and 4 methods to find customers easily through the Internet or offline.

Strategy 1: Have your own website

First of all, if you are a web developer, it means that you are able to create websites. And as we always seem to say, well-ordered charity begins with oneself.

The same is also true of finding clients as a developer.

You have to have your own website that will make the customer trust you because it is inconceivable to see a person creating sites for people but they themselves do not have a site.

No trust, no business …

Whether it’s a blog, a showcase site, a portfolio, or any other type of site, having your site is important to attracting customers.

But that’s not all !

Having a site is not enough. You have to have a beautiful and presentable site. A good design, good content, a quality portfolio (I’ll talk about it shortly after), etc.

So, it’s better to get your site listed on search engines with good keywords.

Do the same on your site and you will see the result.

Strategy 2: Specialize on the type of projects to be designed

Now that you’ve seen the first strategy, let’s move on to the second.

It is about specialization. The more generalist you are, the more effort you will have to put into finding clients. Hence, think about specializing.

What do I mean here?

There are many types of websites and it’s best to find the types of sites that will make you a reference.

For example, you can specialize on designing sites for startups or SMEs, or, specialize on creating e-commerce sites. This will make you a reference and you will have a better chance of finding clients.

I recently discovered Anthony Ménard , a web developer who specialized in the creation of online sports betting sites. So the guy has positioned himself well in this market and it is on his site that we come across when looking for how to create a sports betting site on Google.

If you have no idea on the types of site, please read this article .

And there, you have in hand ✋ 2 good strategies to put in place on your customer acquisition strategy. Now let’s take a look at the methods or techniques you can use to easily find your customers.

Find customers on social networks

I can never ignore the importance of social media in business.

Do you have an account on Facebook or LinkedIn? Okay, that’s already better.

Social networks are a great way to easily find clients because people use them not only to chat, but also to find certain solutions.

On Facebook for example, you can find customers in groups, through your page, as well as through your personal account. The goal is to make your presence on this social network professional.

LinkedIn is already a social network for professionals, being present on this social network will allow you to get in touch with people willing to pay for the design of a website.

Personally, I don’t use LinkedIn too much, but I know people who have been contacted by clients from this social network. It is therefore not a social network to be neglected.

Build a database of contacts to get customers

The money is in the list. Yes, it’s true.

If you really want to find customers , it’s best to build yourself a list of prospects . This may be :

  • Email addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Facebook identifiers

Are you wondering how to build this database of contacts? It’s simple. Just apply the first strategy mentioned in this article.

Can’t remember the first strategy? Take the time to read it again!

Now that you understand why I insisted on having your own website, start building your prospect list now.

To build this list you can use:

  • Mailchimp to retrieve email addresses
  • Manychat to create a list on Facebook
  • Google Form to retrieve phone numbers as a survey.
  • Of course there are other ways to recover contacts but these 3 ways are much more effective.

Be present on freelance platforms

Another effective method of finding clients is to be present on platforms that connect clients with freelancers.

Finally on these platforms, clients seek freelancers for the design of their sites by detailing the functionalities to be found on the site and the developers apply to win the market.

It’s a great way to find clients.

Among these platforms, the most famous are:

  • Online Job
  • Encoder
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Freelance

Use word of mouth to find customers

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to prospect. Here, it is you, the developer who goes to meet customers to offer your service.

Considered the traditional method, word of mouth will allow you to physically get in touch with prospects who will later become your customers.

You can use word of mouth:

  • By participating in events where your target is located
  • During meetings between developers
  • By going to coworking spaces
  • By encouraging your customers to recommend your service to their loved ones

You can do it.

You do not have the choice. You will have to find your place in this web development profession and make a living from it.

But guess what?

There will always be customers for everyone and money for everyone.

By applying the 2 strategies and 4 methods in this article, you will certainly succeed in finding clients who will be satisfied with your work and who will recommend you to other people.

You just have to go to them, and be professional. And for many, your work will resonate.

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Web developer: how to easily find clients
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