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Premises liability law is that body of law which makes owners of land or premises responsible for injuries suffered by people who are present on the premises. This means that if a person is injured on the premises that you own then you are liable to the damage caused to that person. A person’s safety is the responsibility of the owner of the property that he is on. Thus if one suffers from some injury away from his home or so then the person may have a premises liability claim. This means that a person has to take the entire responsibility of the safety of a person who enters and stays in his premises.



For the purpose of implementing the premises liability law, there is a premises liability lawyer. A premises liability lawyer define hazards as dangerous conditions that can be found on public, private, or commercial property and may include a person falling because of uneven flooring, slippery or wet floors or some falling debris or poorly maintained premises. These kinds of premises can lead to accidents like slipping and falling because of wet floors, which can prove to be injurious to a person as he may suffer from serious head injuries or say public humiliation.

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Apart from cases like falling or other such injuries there are also cases like animal bites or scratches, wrongful deaths, traumatic brain injuries etc can also be included under premises liability law. The safety of children is also a very important aspect of this term. Children are prone to accidents more than anyone and thus it is the duty of the owner of a premise to ensure the safety of that child. Amusement parks are also one of the primary targets of the premises liability attorney as there is quite a possibility of accidents occurring in an amusement park.


The premises liability lawyer can take actions against poor maintenance of a premise, negligence on part of the administrator etc. The law states that once a person enters premises owned by you, it is you who must ensure the complete safety of that person as he enters your premise with full faith in you. This includes various premises like stores, offices, houses on lease, commercial buildings and so on. Under this law, any person can approach legal assistance if he suffers from some personal injury on another man’s premises.



Even government halls or other such government property like uneven sidewalks, broken pavements can come under this. A person might get injured while walking on a broken pavement or so. This makes the government liable to the person’s injury. There have been many cases where a person who is wrongfully injured at some other person’s premises and he has won a settlement against the owner of the said premise. The nature of the case decides how much the lawyer can obtain as part of the settlement of the case. The injuries can sometimes be life altering, they can leave a mark on the person and thus it is important that proper action be taken against the owner of the property.