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Let us help you in designing an office space which reflects your Brand and office culture

The paint, the fragrance of the room, the shape of a fishbowl if there is one, all matters and they play an important role in determining the culture and attitude of a place, let it be an office or a bedroom. In the case of an office, it matters a lot as a significant portion of life happens more in that habitat of yours. As office interior designers in Bangalore, we not only take consideration of your brand value but we portray that value even into the screw of your office main door. Yes, that minute screw, its choice of color, choice of metal do count for making your office and brand stand out to create an image that leaves an impression. The after-meeting conversations like “did you see that beautiful XYZ office’s conference room pencil holder” or “did you notice that small vintage flower pot in the CEO’s cabin” makes office interior design successful

So there is no single rule of law for an office establishment, the office interior design should consider three things

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Art  

These three elements amalgamation helps to reflect the philosophy and social idea of the organisation and its successful office design. The living office is a global idea and a necessity in post Covid era. How to bring life to an office wholly depends upon the task involved with the human interactions in the specified space. The human centred office requirements include

  • The knowledge of people demographics
  • The tasks performed in the premises
  • The innovations required for that particular industry.

 We as leading office interior designers in Bangalore help you in the ergonomic identification of your working culture. That includes the safety, ease and agreeability of stake holders of the space to be designed. Design is not again an autonomous process, we want the ideas of investors, developers and the humans who actually use the space.

Let us help you in designing an office space which reflects your Brand and office culture

There is a famous saying that “good office ergonomics is needed for good economics”. As a commercial interior designers of Bangalore it is our responsibility to bring the ergonomics and safety together for the clients.

Our project begins with two vital studies

  • Identification the office environment and its tasks.
  • Ergonomic risk assessment of the office design

For example, a start-up IT firm needs vibrancy in space and furniture. We have to provide the energetic yet intimate feeling to employees with homely kitchen elements and lounge furniture to relax in. These break areas are places of interactions for different groups in an organization. For instance, the engineers can meet up the sales folks there for a coffee and talk or exchange ideas. It’s well identified that creative brain storming and innovations happens more in coffee corners of an office than in conference rooms. Hence each element including the wall colour to furniture play a significant role there. We as a commercial interior designers take this immense opportunity for boosting these creative spaces of organisations across any verticals in Bangalore.

Each company is unique and we treat them differently while considering the design, there are many factors including the demographics of people to geopolitical situations which need to be taken care of to start the structure. People do believe that digital communication can replace the face to face interaction due to the recent pandemic situation. But human interactions always enhances creativity. So the key of interior design to increase human collisions is in ally with few factors

  • Co-workers  gain new knowledge from different verticals
  • Boost creativity
  • Introduce new expertise from other departments
  • Accumulate new knowledge

As interior designers we make sure that space in an office environments is enough for above getting results from collisions  and we help our clients for the same. Working outside office is as productive if not more than working inside, so we can help create that outside atmosphere within our establishments with novel ideas in office designs.

Let us help you in designing an office space which reflects your Brand and office culture

As a commercial interior designer we advise our clients to use reclaimed or recycled materials to create global office designs without affecting the design and culture of the organisation. A productive and comfortable environment is the end result. The mix of vintage and modern elements can give an office a vibrant personality. We help firms design and select furniture that induces creativity within its workforce. Modern comfortable designs has to make work comfortable and also informal when required.

Let us help you in designing an office space which reflects your Brand and office culture

Inspiring furniture always makes an inspiring office. How your brand inspires millions should be reflected in each element in your offices. Smart and cost effective offices with style boost the morale of employees and helps in product developments. Your office design can also be a reflection of you brand value and adds to your net worth. The characters of furniture and its colour combinations should not only be relaxing but help in socialising and thus builds a productive space.

The office design, cafeteria, furniture, and even the wall color should make you spent 30-50 hours most fruitful for you and the organization. We like to bring nature and its life into your office in different forms. Sometimes it can be a small indoor plant but other times it can be a double branched, 6 feet tall Fiddle leaf fig (ficus  ) plant in the CEO’s cabin.

Let us help you in designing an office space which reflects your Brand and office culture

Historically offices are meant for work and home marked for comfort, privacy, and intimacy.  As leading office designers of Bangalore, we help our clients to create workspaces that soften this demarcation. Technologically designed office spaces leads to better innovations and collaborations. In our design office proxemics are taken into utmost importance to increase face to face interaction of employees to strengthen your corporate culture.

Let us help you in designing an office space which reflects your Brand and office culture
We are one of the best Office Space Interior Designers in Bangalore since 1993. Our Office Space designs are unique and reflect your office culture and ethos. Since 1993 we are providing Turnkey Office Space Interior Design Solutions to our clients in Bangalore. We are your single point contact starting from a bare shell office to handing over you a world-class plug and play office. We are one of the Top Interior Designers, Office Architects in Bangalore.
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Let us help you in designing an office space which reflects your Brand and office culture
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