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Door Breaching Techniques

Only a few moments after you slam the door and leave the keys inside you are trapped on the Landing. Fortunately, there are some suggestions for getting you out of this tough situation without calling a locksmith.

Using a radio

It is quite possibly the most common technique on the internet. It is also the one that will allow you to obtain the best results. In the end, it only has one drawback: we don’t often have a radio handy, especially when the door to your home is slammed!

All you need to do is slide the radio between the leaf and the door . Then slide it to the bolt. Once this is done, shake the door using your feet to force the spring of the bolt.

With a bank card

This technique is not fundamentally different from the previous one. Indeed, the basic principle remains the same, only the tool used varies.

We would like to draw your attention that, to maximize your chances of success, you will need to use a large, flexible card (like a store membership card) and ideally laminated card as a priority .

To  open a door with a card , you will need:

  • Insert the card between the door and the upright
  • Find and approach the door lock
  • Slide the card under the rounded part of the lock
  • Press the door during all your operations
  • With a plastic bottle

And it’s also necessary to prevent credit card door entry

Yes, you read that right ! It is quite possible to open a door with a simple plastic bottle. It is also an easily more findable material (look in the surrounding garbage cans) than a radio or even a bank card.

Cut out the bottle (ideally a soda bottle) to extract a “leaf”. Then carry out the same operations as with a radio. You can even force the door more because of the strength of the plastic.

Using a wire

We draw your attention to the difficulty of this method . The previous three were indeed easier to apply. However, solving your slammed door problem with a simple wire remains possible!

Pass the wire through the angle iron (molding surrounding the door) then bring it back to the latch. Then pull towards you. Be careful to use a wire stiff enough to perform these operations correctly.

By drilling a hole in the door

If none of the previous solutions could help you out, you still have one last tip. However, it has the huge disadvantage of permanently damaging your door that you will need to replace later. However, this is a method which has already demonstrated its full effectiveness, in particular on the doors of a multi-point armored lock.

Its principle is extremely simple: you have to succeed in drilling a hole a few millimeters in diameter in order to introduce a rod in a second step. The latter will allow you to act on the door handle or remove the lock.

The trickiest part of this method is certainly to find a drill and a sufficiently long and resistant rod (call on your neighbors to find this essential equipment!).


These are the approaches that people use most often. We would however advise to contact a locksmith if they do not allow you to open a door without a key.

These professionals are also present throughout the territory.

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Door Breaching Techniques
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