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Do Your Existing Water Heater Requires a Replacement?

Water heaters are a blessing especially, in winters when you get inside your bathroom and immediately, you start getting hot water upon turning ON the bath or shower tap for your morning bath. It is so refreshing and also highly desired in winters. Besides, they ensure that some household tasks are more convenient to perform physically.

When water heaters cease to perform as intended, it starts giving trouble to homeowners. Yet most homeowners would not straight away purchase a replacement brand-new water heater. That’s because of the presence of honest and dependable hot water repair services in Sydney and the rest of Australia.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to spot genuine signs of deterioration in water heaters. Being aware of these signs can assist you to avert likely potential safety risks and unneeded inflated monthly water and power bills.

So how would you unfold whether it is the right time to replace your existing water heater or not? Well, you should watch out for the four critical signs listed-below.

1. A Change In Your Personal Preferences

You may want to support the environment and so would like to switch to a greener source, or want to reduce your household’s energy bills. These are all genuine reasons for changing your existing water heater. These days, you get a variety of water heaters on the market with stunning features that match your specific requirements. For example, you can buy solar-powered water heaters that can considerably reduce your power intake; besides, it is a perfect alternative in case you’re switching to a greener lifestyle.

2. You Hear Unusual Sounds from the Water Heater

If you can hear unusual or strange sounds when turning the water heater ON, then this is a sign that tells you that it is reaching the end of its operational life. Well, often people silence these sounds by hitting on the machine, and the noise disappears temporarily. Nonetheless, expect these unusual sounds to get worse over time.

In the beginning, you will hear only the noise when you use the heater. However, with time, the water heater will make sounds endlessly even after you have turned OFF the tap. You can get this problem repaired. But if your heater is old enough, then even after the repairs, the problem can resurface. So rather than paying for repeated repair services, it makes sense to replace your hot water system with the latest model, which will not only help you to conserve water but also help you to save on your energy bills.

3. Indications of Rust & Leaks

When you begin to spot rust and water dripping from the water heater, then it’s time to start your search for a hot water replacement. Any indication of rust signals permanent damage that you will not only notice in the water heater’s body but also it will begin to appear in the quality of the water dispensed from taps and showers. You may start discovering small particles or change of colour in water. Leaks can lead to further rust formation and safety hazards and can inflate your monthly water charges.

4. Water Heater Age

If you have been using the same water heater for over a decade or maybe even longer and that it is no longer working as intended, then it’s time to get a new one.

The Bottom Line

  • If you come across any issues mentioned above, the time is right to start your search for a brand-new water heater so you can replace your existing, old water heater.
  • If a water heater has become less productive, it’s because its parts have deteriorated through use over time, so its best to replace the water heater than getting it repaired.
  • It’s best to consider the latest water heater models available in the market, as they are superior in every aspect viz. operation, performance, features etc. Newer water heater models can not only save on your monthly energy bills but also conserves water.

Getting Help When You Need the Most!

You can call reputed plumbing services in Sydney when you need help with hot water system repairs or replacement. And they will send out an experienced and licensed plumber in Sydney to solve your hot water system issues by either repairing it or getting a suitable water heater replacement.

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