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Business Plan of a Fruit Juice Bar: The Model

A business plan model adapted to fruit juice bars

Whether it is to structure your project, convince investors, bankers, or even partners, an effective and well-presented juice bar business plan is essential when launching your fruit juice bar. With this professional and already pre-filled model, you will be able to raise the funds you need to open or redeem your fruit juice bar.

In this model, you will find:

  • Tips, comments, and mistakes to avoid to help you complete each part yourself.
  • Quantified and precise examples on the fruit juice bar sector to guide you in your writing.
  • A designed business plan adapted to the fruit juice bar sector.
  • A professional structure and layout, including the essential parts of a business plan for a fruit juice bar.

Document plan

  • Presentation slide
  • Presentation of your concept
  • Macro Level Fruit Juice Bar Market Analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • SWOT environmental analysis model
  • Positioning and differentiating assets
  • Business model
  • Development strategy and marketing investment
  • Results to date
  • Medium term objectives
  • Presentation of the bar team
  • Financial forecast for your business
  • Real key figures of the sector and customer expectations
  • Additional slides to adapt the powerpoint if necessary

Who is this model made for?

  • For anyone wishing to open or buy a fruit juice bar
  • For any manager wishing to raise funds
  • For anyone hesitating to open a fruit juice bar and wishing to structure their thinking

Why write a business plan for a fruit juice bar?

Writing a business plan allows the entrepreneur to avoid certain errors specific to bars. Let’s break down the usefulness of the business plan along two main axes.


When launching a fruit juice bar, three big mistakes can be avoided by writing a business plan:

Location: Here is a determining variable when opening a bar. Writing a business plan requires the entrepreneur to study the population and the type of geographic area envisaged (city center, commercial area, offices, etc.). In addition, it is advisable to study changes in the area in question: urban development or construction of housing, for example.

Study of the competition: A study of nearby establishments is carried out in the business plan. The presence of nearby competitors is not inevitable in itself, it is, however, a question of ensuring that it does not put your project in difficulty.

Client targeting: Alexandre Auberton, founder of Wicked Bar, told us that he had poorly assessed and defined his clientele, which, of course, impacted these forecasts. Given the importance placed on customer profiling in the business plan, this damaging error can be avoided.


The financial forecasts of a fruit juice bar have their share of specificity, and the business plan involves looking into them:

  • Forecast turnover: the forecast turnover of a fruit juice bar is very difficult to estimate. It should then be approached by multiplying the average basket per customer by the estimated attendance rate. We then notice here the usefulness of having clearly defined your core clientele in the previous section.
  • The purchase and storage of goods: It is common to order a pastry or a salad with a glass of fruit juice. Consequently, due to the perishable nature of these foods, inventory management, as well as the turnover rate, require special attention from the manager.
  • Investments: It is advisable to be exhaustive in determining the necessary investments. Among them, we have the layout and layout of the premises, kitchen equipment, and household appliances, the installation of the bar, the purchase of the business, etc.
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Business Plan of a Fruit Juice Bar: The Model
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