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Tips to buy Commercial Kitchen Equipment for your new start up.


If you are looking to start your own restaurant or an eating joint then, I am sure you must have made a note of all the expenses which you would have to incur to get your venture up and running. Apart from the cost of hiring a place, salaries for staff, cost of raw material one of the big expense consist of commercial kitchen equipment which form the backbone of a restaurant. Therefore it’s very important to make sure you source and invest in the most appropriate Restaurant Kitchen equipment.


Following are few of the tips which would come handy while you shop for your restaurant kitchen equipment

Be practical while investing-Yes, buying hotel kitchen equipment is indeed an investment which would reap revenue for your business, therefore one need to be practical. When designing your kitchen make sure it’s more practical to operate than stylish to look at. Invest in commercial kitchen equipment which is of professional quality rather simply white goods.

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Plan it wisely-If your kitchen is cluttered, then it’s bound to affect the quality of food. It’s quite common to purchase wrong size hotel kitchen equipment as you might just get swayed by the size of a fryer or a freezer without keeping in mind the size of your kitchen. There have been cases where you fall short of room due to wrong placement of restaurant kitchen equipment. Therefore while investing in commercial kitchen equipment, it’s wise to take advice from a designer or research well and plan your working capacity.

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Purchase only graded equipment-Since kitchen is a place where health and safety hazards can take place due to carelessness therefore always buy graded restaurant kitchen equipment which as quality certified by National Sanitation Foundation.

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Do not compromise on quality-It’s true that hotel kitchen equipment can cost you a fortune, however when it comes to quality, one should not choose cheaper and sub-standard quality equipment specially in regards to refrigeration and heating as it can lead to accidents. In fact if you have limited finances then it’s not a bad idea to go for second hand though good quality hotel kitchen equipment.


By keeping the above points in mind you would be able to do justice to your new kitchen as regards commercial kitchen equipment.




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