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Top 10 chores, children can help parents in

If you feel that your kid’s pocket money is making a hole in the pocket, then it’s time that you start to act. The best way to provide pocket money to children is by rewarding them when they help you with some household chores.Top 10 chores, children can help parents in

Following are some of chores your teenage child can help you with

  1. Laundry-Loading the fully automatic machine with cloths and then running it is one of the simplest task your child can do.
  2. Watering the plants-Watering the plants especially during summers is not only fun but also guarantees you a helping hand.
  3. Doing the dishes-Even if your child does his or her own dishes, would be enough.
  4. Vacuuming the floor-You can ask your child help you vacuum the floor at least once in a week.
  5. Doing up their wardrobe-If your child learns to fold his/her clothes each time they change and put them properly in their wardrobe, wont you feel the house would look more cleaner.
  6. Ironing clothes-Tell them to iron at least their uniform on Sunday evening so they are all set for Monday mornings.
  7. Taking the pet for a walk-I am sure all our kids love to hang around with their friends in the evening, it would be so much better if they could also take the pet out for a stroll.
  8. Helping the younger one in studies-This would not only help the younger one but would also brush the elder one skills.
  9. Spreading the table-Spreading the table and serving the food would not only foster the entire family eat together but also make your little one learn some table etiquettes.
  10. Cooking-This is a big shot; nevertheless, preparing salads and sides is no rocket science.Top 10 chores, children can help parents in

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