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How to open a locked door?

When you get home, you can no longer get your hands on your set of keys, or you have closed the door without thinking of taking it. What to do? Using a locksmith can be very expensive. Fortunately, there are tips and effective methods to open your door, even without a key.

Using a bank card or x-ray

This is an approved method, although it works less well with modern doors. It only works if the entry has been slammed. Slammed or locked, the door will remain closed anyway, and you will stay on the threshold.

Since the card you are going to use may be damaged a bit by the operation, choose one that is less important to you. If it is a little flexible, it will be even more useful.

The card should be inserted, taken lengthwise, between the door and its jamb.

The card should be inserted a little above where the door jamb and the lock mechanism come into contact.

Slide the card where you want it and go behind the lock.

By pulling out the card sharply while operating the handle, the door can be opened.

A paperclip, or a hairpin,

and a tensioner, a small piece of L-shaped steel.

Many people ask how to open a locked door; the best technique is here. Lockpick kits, sold commercially, will provide you with this. Prepare the paper clip with a hammer to make it as flat as possible. Then insert the tensioner in the lock, and turn it, like a key as soon as the tensioner locks, enter the paper clip or pin, and play them in safety. By repeating this operation, you should succeed in opening your door.

Crochet door with a paper clip

A hole in the door. This technique can only be used, too, if your door has closed on you, without you being able to open it. If it is locked, this method will not work. It merely consists of drilling a small hole in your door. For this, you will need a drill. Perforate the door at the handle.

Don’t forget the screwdriver

This straightforward method will not allow you to open all locked doors. It can be instrumental if the entry includes an opening button located in the middle. Choose a thin screwdriver, which slides easily into the lock. Once correctly entered into the safety, it will be able to turn inside.

After several tries, the door can open. If you are a handyman, the screwdriver can also allow you, with the help of a hammer, to remove the hinges from your door. But it is a more radical solution.


The screwdriver can do you yet another service. If you are lucky, you can, with its help, remove the primer plate.

Protection of the lock. You will then discover a mechanism, the follower, on which a door handle can be installed. Use pliers and turn the device to open the door. Again, not all locks will allow you to use this method.

Use percussion keys

At first glance, the percussion key looks like a standard key, the one you use every day to open your door. But it has a peculiarity. It allows you to open pin locks, which are a prevalent model. Contrary to what one might think, these keys are freely available, at least online. So you can get it without any problem.

This percussion key, insert it in the lock until the last pin. It is the teeth of your essentials that lift the stoppers, producing a characteristic noise. There, only one pin remains to be raised, but before activating the percussion key, it must be inserted with a sharp blow with a suitable tool. This method is quite useful, but it can (of course) damage the lock.

Still other keys

They no longer look like standard keys. These are L-shaped metal rods, called hex keys; These are generally used to operate screws or bolt heads. Not all locks can be opened using these keys. Only those with a circular hole in their center can be unlocked using a hexagonal key.

The drill can be useful

This solution does not apply to all locks. Only pin locks can be handled this way. But, since these are the most common, you have a good chance. Try to choose a heavy-duty drill that can punch metal, and has an adjustable speed system. Likewise, you will need to use a suitable training. By drilling a hole through the lock cylinder, this involves destroying the pins. This is done; it will be relatively easy to open the door using a screwdriver, operated in the same direction as your key. This technique should be used after resorting to less destructive methods. It will destroy the barrel while maintaining the rest of the mechanism as it is.

Use the force

These more violent methods, especially for your door, are not recommended. Only use them as a last resort, after trying all other techniques. In this case, the intervention of a locksmith, which can be very quick, may not cost you much more than replacing your lock. Because, if, using a hammer, you strike your handle violently, to the point of making it fall, you will be able to enter your home. But your lock will be destroyed and the door damaged.

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How to open a locked door?
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