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How to improve your PageRank?

What is PageRank?

The PageRank (PR) is a ranking system of web pages put up by Google to determine the popularity of a website. Ratings range from 0 to 10. This popularity system is based on the number of links pointing to your site. The more (quality) links you have pointing to your site, the higher your PageRank and your chances of being well referenced on Google. It is still important to remember that PageRank is only one component of many search engines’ criteria to determine your position.

Know the PageRank of your site

To improve the PageRank of your site, you still need to know it! Several tools allow you to know your PageRank quickly. For example, Firefox users can use the free extensions, “Search Status “, or “SEO Quake. “If you use Chrome, you can use the official plugin “Open SEO Stats. “In Internet Explorer, you can also download the toolbar free from Google.

Improve your PageRank

You understood, to improve your PageRank, you have to make other sites want to place a link pointing to yours. Concerning the famous method of “exchange of links,” which consists, as its name suggests, in proposing to another site to place your link in exchange for its own, you should know that this method is totally ineffective and that Google even condemns it! We, therefore, do not advise you to opt for this solution. The best way to be quiet is to do the job neatly. Below are some good practices:

“Guest” items

For example, you can write a guest article for another blog and include a link to yours in your signature. No need to seek to place a maximum of links in your article or to send 10 articles to the same blog because it is the first link which is taken into account. If your article is of good quality, the blogger will surely accept your article and your link. Keep in mind that Google’s goal is simply to provide quality content to people looking for that content. It is, therefore, not worth spamming Internet users by placing irrelevant links everywhere.

Not all links are created equal

As explained above, you should assess the relevance of the links that point to your site before you start hunting for them. Indeed, if your site/blog’s theme is gardening, the fact that a music blog offers a link that points to your site will not improve your PageRank. The goal of this system is to highlight quality sites by evaluating the quality of websites that “recommend” you. Therefore, the more links you get from sites with a good PageRank, the more chances you have to improve yours. To give you an idea, websites with a PageRank between 5 and 9 (Facebook) are generally very well positioned in search engines.

Make links between your own pages

While getting links from other sites can be long and complicated, you can (and should) get your pages to communicate with each other and improve their quality. Indeed, each page has a reserve of “points” which it can pass on to others. For example, you can display a button, your logo, or your signature on each of your pages with a link to your home page.

Take care of the content of your site

It is important to remember that the origin of PageRank is that other actors return to your site because they consider your content to be relevant. Before you run after the links, first focus on the quality of your content. This will encourage your visitors and other bloggers to relay your articles without even asking them.

Intervene on discussion forums

By regularly posting relevant content on discussion forums, you increase your credibility and your “e-reputation”. Everyone knows that it is increasingly difficult today to find quality content and people who “know what they are talking about”. Help others assess your knowledge by meeting them. You will have a good chance that they will visit your site and share your content. Attention, it is not a question of posting links on the forums to increase its PR but well to make itself known as an expert! Be aware that most of the time, the links on the forums are “nofollow” which is to say not followed by Google.

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How to improve your PageRank?
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