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How to clean the office and keep the workplace always neat and tidy

Many of us spend most of the day in the office. It is inevitable that this environment becomes a bit of a “second home”, given the time we spend there, so it is important that it is clean, tidy, and comfortable. Often, this space’s care is entrusted to specialized companies, but if you have a very small office – perhaps you are a freelancer and work alone – it may be that you manage the ordinary cleaning yourself. In addition, even if a professional company takes care of it every week, you might be interested in knowing how to keep this space always in good condition. Therefore, we want to give you some tips for an always well-kept workplace.

The importance of cleaning the office regularly

Knowing how to clean an office is essential to ensure the right hygienic conditions and promote concentration and give a good image of oneself to customers and visitors. Think about it: what impression would it make on you to walk into a dirty, shabby, and confused office? Of course, it wouldn’t be very professional and reassuring. From taking care of the desk to cleaning the chairs, here are some tips for an office that is always at the top!

When the desk cries out for revenge!

Obviously, when it comes to cleaning the office, one cannot fail to mention cleaning the desk: between sheets, pens, post-it notes, and various documents, it only takes a moment to transform this space into a babel of everything and more! So as not to think about when, between emails, we end up having lunch in front of the computer filling everything with crumbs… In short, if we do not dedicate a little attention to our workstation, not only we will end up crushed by piles of paperwork, but we will become a pilgrimage site for entire ant colonies!

Keeping the surface tidy is the first step to cleaning more easily. Fortunately, for this, there are lockers, which allow you to store papers and documents in an organized way, preventing them from accumulating everywhere.

To always have a perfect desk, it would be good to clean it quickly every day, at the end of the shift, but we don’t always have the time to take care of it. Whether you manage to do it daily or not, the ideal is to remove dust and dirt using a microfiber cloth and a detergent, without forgetting to frequently clean the keyboard, mouse, PC screen, and real receptacles of dirt and bacteria.

Computer screen, keyboard, and mouse – a feast of dust and bacteria!

If there is one element of the desk that more than others attract dirt, it is the computer with the accessories that compose it. Touching them every day, in fact, components such as keyboard and mouse are filled with dirt and bacteria, without considering dust and food residues. We want to bet that some crumbs of the sandwich, which you enjoyed during your lunch break, accidentally ended up between the keys, along with those of the afternoon snack cookies? Here, then, how to take care of our pc:

Clean the keyboard thoroughly. After disconnecting it from the power supply, you can proceed with cleaning the keyboard of the desktop computer. There are several useful tools to make it look like new. For example, a valid remedy is compressed air cans, which allow you to act on the dust and crumbs that are between the keys: the dirt thus raised can be removed with an antistatic cloth. For a painstaking job, have you ever thought of passing cotton buds between the interstices of the keys? Then, another useful solution is the so-called “magic tires”which, applied on the keyboard, allow the dirt to be removed. The important thing, in general, is never to spray detergents directly on the surface to avoid damaging it.

Clean the mouse. If the keyboard is dirty, the mouse is certainly no exception. Again, before starting, disconnect the accessory from the power supply or remove the batteries, if wireless. To make sure you are using the right tools, it is always advisable to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, however, you can use a lint-free cloth moistened with water and a neutral detergent, which will be gently wiped on the surface, preventing moisture from getting inside the mouse.

Remove dust and fingerprints from the screen. Today, most screens are LCDs: these can be cleaned with a fiber cloth, to be used lightly without exerting too much pressure. On the other hand, Liquids should be used only in case of real need, taking care to choose only detergents suitable for the purpose and not to vaporize them directly on the screen. Also, for this component’s care, the recommendation is always to disconnect it from the power supply before intervening.

The care of the chairs

If you are wondering how to clean an office, another element not overlooked is the chairs. Think of the embarrassment of having a customer sit in a visibly dirty and dusty chair … it would certainly not be the best! The offices’ criticality is that they are often fabric chairs: over time, they tend to accumulate dust and, if they get stained, it is necessary to act quickly to remedy the damage immediately.

Therefore, ordinary cleaning should be carried out frequently, removing dirt with a dry cloth or with a vacuum cleaner. To do this, you can use the multipurpose vacuum cleaners: powerful and performing, thanks to the nozzle for carpets and armchairs, they allow you to suck up any traces of dust nestled between the wefts of the fabric and to reach even the most difficult points, such as that between the backrest and the session. For the professional carpet cleaning services in Lacey, you must have to hire a professional cleaning company. You can take the assistance of Premier Janitorial Services.

If there are stains, however, vacuuming will not be enough. First of all, make sure of the most appropriate treatment type to avoid using the wrong products. In any case, know that, if it is a washable fabric in water, it is often possible to proceed with a solution of water and soap for dishes (also useful for plastic parts and wheels). With the help of a sponge, the solution will be passed on the stained part and, subsequently, must be rinsed with a sponge moistened with clean water: once this is done, you just have to put the chair to dry!

Take care of curtains and windows

Of course, they are not an item to be cleaned every day (luckily!) But curtains and windows also need a little attention, from time to time. Venetian blinds are among the most common types of curtains in offices: when you clean the office, sometimes, remember to quickly dust these too, because they fill up with dust easily. Just use a duster, a dry cloth, or – why not – an old cotton sock!.

Don’t forget the floors

We conclude this roundup of tips for cleaning the office with cleaning the floors, a task that, generally, should be done at least once a week. Also, for this operation, we suggest trying multipurpose vacuum cleaners, particularly the 36 Series 3670 model: robust, powerful, and capacious, it is the perfect ally for the care of workspaces. In fact, this article allows you to remove dust and eliminate liquids and coarse dirt. Think of a vase full of water, which breaks when falling on the ground: 36 Series 3670 will be able to suck up both water and shards without any difficulty!

Besides cleaning the floor, which ends with washing with a suitable detergent, remember to empty the baskets frequently, sanitize the bathroom, and clean the door handles often. Speaking of hygiene, are you really sure you know the distinction between sanitizing and disinfecting? We talk about it in the article dedicated to the difference between cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation!

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How to clean the office and keep the workplace always neat and tidy
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