Having a house built is not a trivial project. It is often even the project of a lifetime. From the choice of land to the handing over of the keys, including the development of plans, you must remain vigilant at each construction stage.

The key steps to build a house

That’s it, and you are finally going to build the house of your dreams.  However, before you can put your luggage in your new cozy nest, several inevitable steps must be observed:

  • Define your budget.
  • Find the ideal land.
  • Develop the plans for your house.
  • Find the right professional.
  • Follow the site.
  • Receive the keys.

Establish your budget before defining your project

Before embarking on your construction project, it is essential to take all the necessary steps to ensure its financing. Building your cozy nest has a certain cost, including fixed costs (purchase of land, cost of construction, etc.) and ancillary costs (taxes, furniture, etc.), which can upset your estimate. Establish with your banker a provisional financing plan to assess your borrowing capacity, which depends on your contribution and income level. To get the best loan terms, do not hesitate to compete. Also, find out about housing benefits that you may be eligible for.

Find the right land to build your home

Once your budget is defined, you will have to find the right land to carry out your project. Knowing that the land can represent up to 50% of your construction project’s total cost, this step is not to be taken lightly. Several criteria must be considered, including orientation, exposure, soil quality, neighborhood and water, gas, and electricity connection. To do this, check with neighbors or the town hall services of the town concerned. It is also important to consult the cadastre services’ plans and documents to verify the land’s exact location. Remember to analyze the characteristics that can increase the value of a location, with a view to future resale: proximity to shops, schools, parks, public transport, etc. Union Complex provides the best luxury apartments in Lahore.

Develop the house plan with or without an architect

Once you own the land, it will be time to draw up the construction plan. In the event of construction of more than 150 m², you must have the support of an architect. Still, it is strongly recommended to turn to a competent professional (architect or builder of individual houses) in all cases. You can submit your desires and needs to him in terms of architecture (traditional or contemporary house), surface area, or interior design. (number of bedrooms, for example). He will then present a preliminary draft with a 3D view of your future at home. Note that this plan will be subject to the PLU constraints (Plan Local d’Urbanisme) of the municipality in which you have decided to build your house. Compliance with the PLU is essential to obtain a building permit from the municipality’s town hall.

Choosing the right contractor to build your villa

Once the building permit has been obtained, the long-awaited moment comes the start of the construction of your house. For this step, if you have not opted for self-construction, you have the option of turning to a builder or an architect (or mandatory if your construction is more than 150 m²). In all cases, it is advisable to play the competition by making quotes in different companies (at least 5), which will allow you to benefit from quality services at the best rates. Also, do not hesitate to inquire about the previous constructions of the company and its financial health. To do this, do not hesitate to ask your entourage (word of mouth) and to consult the Trade and Companies Register (RCS). This will allow you to avoid certain disappointments, more common than you might think (bankruptcy, bad construction, delays, etc.).

Follow the construction site

During the construction of your house, monitoring the site is essential to verify that the work is carried out on time and meets your expectations. Of site meetings are scheduled at key stages of construction, which correspond to the regulations of each invoice, the latter being defined by law: 15% at the opening of the site, 25% on completion of the foundations, 40 % when the walls are completed, 60% when the water is removed, 75% when the partitions are completed and when the air is removed, 95% when the equipment and plumbing work is completed, carpentry and heating, and finally, 5% on receipt of the work. To be covered for the work duration, you must take out a “damage-to-work  ” guarantee., which will protect you against failures for ten years.

Receive the keys. You are finally home!

This step corresponds to the culmination of your construction project. This is where you can check if your construction is as planned. Therefore, it is essential to take a tour (outside and inside) of the house, taking the time to inspect every detail (remember to take pictures). You can come accompanied by a construction professional during the handing over the keys (technical controller, architect, etc.). If you have no reservations to make upon receipt of the work, you have eight days to pay the balance (5%). On the other hand, if you observe any defects or non-conformity, you must note them in the acceptance report.


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