How to Drive Your Vehicle Safely with Brand-New Tyres Fitted?


Well, brand-new tyres require a running-in or acquainting period! With a brand-new tyre set fitted out, your car will feel the diffrence instantly — extra cushioning and excellent grip compared to your older, worn-out car tyres. You may choose the same brand and pattern or a different reputed brand as your new replacement car tyres but with the same tyre size and specifications of your older (retiring) tyres.

In this post, we have revealed how old and new tyres differ, how long new tyres take to settle down and how to drive your car safely with new tyres fitted till the ‘settling down’ or ‘breaking-in’ period.

New Tyres & Old Tyres — How They Differ?

Many components impact a tyre’s performance that includes:

Tread Depth

How to Drive Your Vehicle Safely with Brand-New Tyres Fitted?

Brand-new tyres come with a tread depth of 8 mm in Australia. In case you use your old car tyres till it exhausts to the legal minimum, which is 1.6 mm, then you’ll sense the difference when you fit and ride on new tyres. New tyres come with a firm and deep tread that makes your car feel like there’s an amount of cushioning between your car tyres and the road. It is also known as tyre’s tread squirm, which provides extra movement that you might feel when you’re steering the vehicle that has brand-new tyres fitted. This added movement is due to the flexibility in the rubber between the tread surface and the carcass.


At the time of manufacture, tyres are freed from their mould using a release lubricant. This lubricant will remain in the tyre’s grooves till it completely exhausts through driving. Once this lubricant goes out entirely, then your car tyres will have less grip, which will increase the braking distances and lower handling efficiency.


Antioxidants applied to the tyre during manufacturing — that’s why your tyres may feel smooth initially. It helps the rubber to maintain its structure when exposed to different atmospheric conditions like changing oxygen and temperature levels.

What Should You Know About Your New Tyres?

  • Have you purchased a brand-new car?
  • Or bought a brand-new tyre set to give a new lease of life to your existing vehicle?

In both cases, you’ll have a brand-new set of car tyres to ride on. But there are certain things you must know before you hit the road and enjoy your brand-new tyres.

A fresh-new set of tyres on a new or existing vehicle requires some time to get acquainted with the roads before it can perform optimally. For instance, if you have bought a new pair of shoes — you may know that in the beginning, you have to walk little slower to get acquainted with the leather of the shoe — and once you’re familiar with the leather quality of the shoe, the walking speed increases naturally. The same applies to fresh-new car tyres — it requires time to get acquainted with the road and the climatic conditions before it can perform optimally — also known as the breaking in period.

How to Drive Your Vehicle with the New Tyres?

Well, you should take added care when driving your vehicle with the new tyres fitted. New tyres need a small adjustment in driving style till they get acquainted with the road and atmosphere. It’s crucial to treat the first 300-350 km as the period of acquaintance or breaking-in. During this period, you need to apply soft acceleration, brake carefully and drive gently.

Once the breaking-in distance is through, any substances in the tyres should wear out. Besides, the tread depth would also wear out a bit. It helps brand-new tyres to perform at their best, enhancing your vehicle’s traction and handling.

Vital Tips to Safely Drive Your Vehicle on Brand-New Tyres!

  • Maintain a reasonable speed and avoid too much acceleration.
  • Sudden acceleration or sharp braking is a strict NO!
  • You need to keep a safe distance from the vehicle that’s in front of you, as your braking distance will be more than usual due to the lower initial traction.
  • Remain on dry roads as far as possible.

The Bottom Line

Drive gently without sharp braking or quick acceleration till your brand-new car tyres settle down — it will enhance the long-term performance of your new car tyres. Once your vehicle’s new tyres settle down, the new tyre’s tread will get optimised for acceleration and safe braking, and you can switch to your regular driving style.

Do you want to purchase brand-new replacement tyres for your car? Are you looking for an established tyre shop in Sydney near you? Well, you can easily buy new tyres online or drive into a reputed tyre shop near you and choose the tyre brand of your choice, and they will fit the right replacement tyres for your car straight away.

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