Ten unseen stunning tourist attractions in India which would make you spell bound

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India indeed is blessed with a striking geography which makes it as one of the favorite destinations to visits by any tourist. In fact there is so much to cover in India that you might miss on too much. There are so many destinations which surprisingly remain unexplored
1.      Majuli – Assam-The seven sisters is blessed with natural beauty and Majuli is one of them.Its one of the most beautiful river island formed by the river Bhramaputra800px-Way_To_Majuli
2.      Loktak Lake, Manipur-This is a beautiful lake which comprises of many small lakes. The blue shimmering water looks like pieces of glass during a bright summer day.loktak-lake-manipur
3.      Malvan – Maharashtra –if you get fascinated by ancient forts and palaces then you must definitely visit Malvan which is in Maharashtra. You would be awe struck by the beautiful coastline.malvan

  1. Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh-This is one of the biggest national parks spread across acres of land. You would be able to spot a wide array of wildlife and numerous plant species.tourist-lodge-owned-by
  2. Mandu in Madhya Pradesh-Mandu is where the love comes alive. Its a tribute to the love story of poet-prince Baz Bahadur and his gorgeous wife, Rani Roopmati.If you have an interest in History then you would be charmed by the unusual mosques, palaces, pavilions and museums.Hoshang_Shaha’s_Tomb_at_Mandu

6.      Kheechan, Rajasthan-Demoiselle cranes migrates to Kheechan, Rajasthan from Siberia between the start of autumn and end of winters every year. This species of crane are very rare to see and often regarded as auspicious by the locals.Demoiselle-cranes-Khichan-barsinghavilla (1)


7.      Gokarna beach – Karnataka – Gokarna Beach which is located in Karnataka is just the right place for a tranquil break by the sea. With its blue waters and spotless sands flanked by coconut palms, Gokul beach offers a stunning view which will leave you spell bound.om-beach-gokarna-karnataka


  1. Athirapilly Falls – Kerala- Athirapilly Falls in Kerela are also known as the Niagara Falls of India. You would be able to enjoy the water spray which is not only relaxing during summers but also a pleasure to the eyesathirapally-falls-kerala


  1. Bhedaghat-Jabalpur-Bhedaghat in Jabalpur is a must see.River Narmada passes through the marble rocks. A boat ride across the river is very relaxing and ensures beautiful views.Jabalpur,Bhedaghat,2

10.  Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh—Pragpur is a small village in Himachal Pradesh. If you find glazed walls, slate roofs, paved streets, put next to with large colonial-style manors, and then it would definitely guarantee you pleasant old-world appeal.judges-court