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Top 10 summer travel destinations in India!

Summer holidays are synonymous with relaxing and enjoying to the fullest. It offers the perfect opportunity to break monotony of life thanks to various mind blowing cool summer destinations which India is bereft with. The list of summer attractions are endless since colonial era and increasing number of tourists are coming to India. In British era, Shimla stood to be the summer capital of British Empire as it was the coolest region in India. Even presently, the city attracts tourists from nook and corner of the world. India offers various tourist places and the tourists have the luxury of spending the entire summer season with various attractive packages.


There are short term tour packages as well so that tourists can make their holidays quite coveted and luxurious. We have summer tour packages so as to give you the luxury of visiting top most destinations. Hence, in this way,  you can pamper yourself like never before by making the most of holidays.

Following are some of the top most summer destinations are-

Summer is the time when the rays of the sun are at its peak and we tend to derive ways to cool ourselves. Hence, what better way that to head for some of the exotic cool destination which can help us in enjoying to the fullest by besting the heat

Manali- If you want to enjoy best of weather amidst the mind blowing scenery, lush greenery, and snow capped mountain then Manali is the best place to enjoy to the fullest.


Coorg- This is the hill station which has enriching past and is best known for its exotic natural beauty along with delicious cuisine. You will be awestruck at the sight of valleys, mountains along with forests as it offers everything worth taking your breath away.


Ooty-Situated in the nilgiri hills, it offers the perfect time to travel if you are  looking for the best place in summers in south India. You will just be mesmerized by the natural beauty.


Matheran-  Located in the sahyadri range, matheran is not so popular. However this hill station is situated at an altitude of 800 mts. It is not explored by many, hence it is synonymous with giving you refreshing and rejuvenating experience. You will just love walking in the woods.


Srinagar- Situated at the beautiful Dale lake.  You just can’t help yourself than to be in house boats or shikaaras as you will just have the best time of your life.


Goa- If you want to get away from the sweltering heat, then Goa is a great option. Thanks to rocking night life, sun kissed beaches and historical churches, you will just be awestruck at some of the great and cost effective hotel packages as well.


Kodaikanal- It is situated in Palani Hills in Tamil Nadu in the southern ridge. You will just be amused at the sight of silky pine trees, cold streams , foamy mists and enchanting view which will surely make you even prouder of choosing the most appropriate decision.


Munnar- What else you would ask for than a great landscape where you can indulge yourself in adventure and equally a great time to relax as well. It is  the place which has the mind blowing landscape and  synonymous with hills, lakes, and tea plantations along with forests and winding walks.


Shimla- It is indeed a great destination. This is the place where you would see the mix of Indian magnificence along with British elegance. Hence if you want to  make your trip memorable them come to Shimla and soak for you for some unending fun too. So what are you waiting for?


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