Tips for Spray Tanning


Tanning has now a day’s become a upcoming fashion statement. It gives a summer glow to the skin. Tanning can be obtained by various processes. Natural tanning happening due to extensive exposure of the skin to the sun rays. Tanning can be obtained by yet another ways as well. Many people prefer to visit the tanning salon. Tanning can be done at home as well with the help of tanning sprays.Before doing tanning at home there are some useful tips for spray tanning.

Tips for Spray Tanning
Skin Exfoliation: Skin exfoliation is the process by which dead skin is removed. This can be done. with a help of a sponge loofah .It is advisable to exfoliate your skin 1-2 days before you are planning for spay tan .If exfoliation is not carried out then the tanning will shed out along with the dead skin in a few days. Special care should be taken on knees, elbows, ankles, feet because they tend be having more dead skin.

Tips for Spray Tanning

Moisturize – It is always advisable to moisturize your skin. Dry and rough skin does not accept any treatment well. Skin which is motorized or is moist always look more healthy and glowing. Moisturizing your skin before spay tan is also a good way to achieve good result. You can use a day time moisturizer 1 hour before you start with tanning spray process.

Remember to wear latex gloves before you start the tanning process. Gloves will help you protect your palms from the tanning solution. At last nobody wants there palms to look dark in color.Tips for Spray Tanning

Tanning can be done to the entire body or can be carried out in the exposed areas. If you are planning to tan only the exposed area then it is advisable to wear body hugging cloths so that the area which you don’t want to tan remain covered by the cloths. Therefore you must select the right cloths before spay tanning.

It is important to keep in mind few Spray Tan Tips once the tanning is complete. You must stand still for few minutes until the tanning spray dries completely. If proper care is not taken it’s a possibility that the tanning spray may rub off. If you happen to see extra spray has been applied to a certain part then wipe off the spray with a help of a blotting paper. Check whether the spray has been applied evenly. Try to avoid bathing for around 8-10 hours. The first shower may tend to make the tan a little lighter. It is advisable not to use any harsh soap, loofah.

Tips for Spray Tanning

These are few of Spray Tan Tips which needs to be kept in mind weather visiting a tanning salon or doing it yourself at home. If proper care is taken this skin tan can give wonderful results and if not done properly it can be disastrous.


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