Things to keep in mind while hiring for a start-up

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Start-ups go through several challenges in order to become an established company, and sadly many do not even kick-start and reach anywhere close to an established company before failing. According to a statistics 75% of the start-ups fail and 46 % of new hires in a start-up fail which may be a reason of failure of start-ups. Hence it is very important to find a great hire that would stick around and contribute to the company. While hiring an employee for a start up the recruitment and the hiring team must keep in mind the following attributes.


In case of a start-up, rewards may not come instantaneously, therefore persistence and commitment is a must. Thus while hiring a new employee; it is very important to see whether the person is showing commitment towards his alliance. Along comes his passion towards the work, somebody who gets demotivated and discouraged will not be able to face the challenges of a start-up. In case of an entry level position, it is the drive to learn and grow which is more important than the actual skill.


A start up normally learns from experiments and improvises on its past activities. Hence it is very important to bring someone on board who is willing to be led and is flexible to adopt versatile strategies. One of the most important qualities to look for a prospective hire is, to look for somebody who is easily adaptable and can moulded according to needs and requirement


The hiring manager has a very important role to play in case of recruitment as far as a start-up is concerned as he has to find out whether the employee possesses specific skills which are required to full fill the job. In case of technical requirement, more than just skills, the manger needs to see if the candidate is intelligent to find new and better ways along with his technical expertise. The candidate needs to provide out of the box ideas which can prove to be a big success as in a start up the entire management along with support staff work in close coordination with each other.


The biggest threat in case of a start-up in regards to human resource is retention. Now a day due to cut throat competition, it becomes very difficult to retain an employee. Hence it is very important to find an employee who is there to stay and prove to be an asset in the long run. If a start-up can fight attrition then it will prove to sustain and grow in the future.


The way a start-up works and operates is quite different from an established firm. Because of this, there is a vast difference in its hiring process. In fact a person may perform differently in a start-up and an established form. It is the responsibility of the hiring manager to recognise the traits in a person which could make him an outstanding employee for a start-up. If a hiring manager can find the above traits in a prospective employee then he is bound to find the perfect start up employee.